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Monday, 17 December 2018

Download Latest Naijakit Mobile Theme v3.0.1 Without No Bugs

Due to the High Request of the Naijakit Mobile Theme, i decided to clone the script and drop it for free to all Gistfans members. Below are the features of the Theme.

Download Latest Naijakit Mobile Theme v3.0.1


  • Full homepage Customization

  • Front end Pages

  • Trending post

  • Recent post

  • Mobile Responsive

  • SEO Friendly

  • Stylish homepage
    and many more

  • Theme Option

  • Trending Post From Specific Post

  • 100% GOOD & WORKING

How to install
Goto your cpanel  file manager, locate public_html > wp-content > themes >  upload the zip file, and extract it there . 

After that headed to your wp admin dashboard, Locate Appearances > theme > and you will see the theme you just extract, click the active button and see the new theme.

No error or no bug in the theme 

If you need any help or u find bug on the theme please drop a comment 

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3

Screenshot 4

Screenshot 5


Saturday, 15 December 2018

Music: Kollyjay - Flexing

Kollyjay is back with a track that is full of prayer for a courageous people after the realese of love you better mixed by urlybanty prod. Fizzy beat keep on flexing now

Sunday, 9 December 2018

Download Closer By Horpy J

Powerful new hit by Mr Hopy J.. Tittled Cause Trouble... kiler Hit track.
Fresh out



Horpy J Cause Trouble

Powerful new hit by Mr Hopy J.. Tittled Cause Trouble... kiler Hit track.
Fresh out


Saturday, 17 November 2018

[Scam Alert] Hair By Vogue Is a Facebook Scammer

Queen John who was the Scam Victim drop Gistfans team full prove which shows HAIR BY VOGUE is a scammer.

The above name HAIR BY VOGUE is a Facebook page who claimed to be selling human hair and weavons, where when you send them cash for the product, you will be scammed and your product wont be delivered.

Below are the conversations between Queen John and Hair By Vogue the scammer.

Queen John warns every ladies out there to stay away from Hair by Vogue to avoid been scammed.

Kindly share this post to your love once to help save others

Thursday, 25 October 2018

How To Verified Your Instagram Account with Blue Badge

Instagram has started rolling out a feature that allows everyone to request for the blue mark that shows your account is verified. The option is now popping up on Instagram app for Android and iOS. The blue mark is a unique icon next to a user's name, that tells you the account is a verified one and the genuine handle of a public figure / celebrity.

Actually, the blue mark is meant for a public figure, or you have to be popular enough with much followers on Instagram inorder to request for your account to be verified.

Before now, getting an Instagram account verified with the blue mark has been a very hard process. People pay so much to get their handle verified. The blue mark gives an account more respect and trust.

Note : If this option doesn’t appear for you yet, be patient! Instagram is rolling it out worldwide, so it might take a bit longer for you to get the feature. You can also try updating your Instagram app.

How To Request For Instagram Verification Badge

Go to your profile and click on the three lines button in the top right corner > Settings > Request verification.

Fill out the simple form and upload your ID card. Either Voter’s Card, National ID card International passport, Driver’s licence or any government issued ID card. Please note that It must show your name, photo and date of birth.

After filling out the form, submit it and wait for Instagram to review your request, and wait for a notification in your notifications tab.

Instagram will send you a notification verdict — confirm or deny — via a notification.

Note : Just because you requested for account verification doesn’t mean you will get verified. The blue badge is reserved for celebrities, public figures, global brands, or entities representing the brand. You must be big or popular enough to get verified.

Kindly Scroll down to drop your comments, as an appreciation to Us Thanks.

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

[Http Injector Reborn] Latest Life-Time Mtn Http Injector Config File Cheat

The Last http Injector config file was blocked due to the spread and exposed. But that is Neva the End, we the Gistfans Officials Came Up with this latest Config File Which Neva Expires And its Capped 1GB per Day.

We decided to share it out to our Active fans. We are not posting it online so it wont be blocked again.

Just Comment your Whatsapp Number and your Name, we will send the File to you Immediately.

*Note:** Your number must be on whatsapp. If you dont have whatsapp num, you can comment your email address and it will be sent instantly to your mail.

DOWNLOAD MP3 Dimmy Cool – “Aye” Ft. Abolade Bobby.

Dimmy cool one of the fast rising sensational act is here with a newly dished inspirational tune. Titled “Aye” which means “life” featuring a versatile act as well called Abolade Bobby. in this new tune of advice he depicts how we as humans should take safe measures when it comes to facing the difficulties of life and our earthly enemies. This tune is highly inspirational.


Monday, 15 October 2018

Buy Verified PayPal Account in Nigeria (Send and Receive Payment Worldwide)

Did you want to save yourself the stress of Creating and verifying a working PayPal account which can send and receive funds here in Nigeria? You can order our services while we help you get it done with affordable charges.

Over the years we’ve been helping our Clients create and verify PayPal accounts in Nigeria without issues and they are enjoying it. am sure you may also need our services.

Here’s How it Goes

After placing your order for the PayPal account, then we help you create it with your details as per your request.
During the PayPal setup, we use our Master Card to verify the PayPal account then remove the card upon successful verification. Mind you, After verifying your PayPal account even when card is been removed, PayPal account remain verified for life and it can be used for every online transaction without issues.
You can then start receiving Funds and making transactions with your PayPal account which we do deliver in less than 24hrs after placing order
after Getting the PayPal, you can add your own credit card, you are free to do so since the PayPal ownership has been fully transferred. (PayPal won’t ask for verification again when adding new Cards) since the account has been fully verified already.

Can i still send and receive funds without Card?

Very Sure: You can send and receive funds even when there’s no card linked to your PayPal provided it has been verified.
Here’s one of my PayPal accounts: Am using it even when i have removed the Card i used for verification and this PayPal is what i have been using for about 3 years and 2months now.

check out the right hand sidebar you will see some current transactions i have made with this PayPal account

In case you still don’t get it, you can check out my post with the steps i used when rendering this service to one of my Client MR Seun Ganiyu Check out Here to see steps with screenshots

How can i Order Verified PayPal account

Send us WhatsApp Message with the Name you want to use, Your Email and Your desirable password (You can change it later after creating it for you)
WhatsApp only: +2348095459350
You can as well contact me on

After or Before sending details, Pay the sum of ₦4000 to the below bank account as that’s what we charge all our clients for PayPal creation services. We made charges very affordable for everyone to enable you own a working PayPal account.

  • 3071599895
  • First Bank
  • Ogbeide Daniel Sunday

As soon as your payment is received, Expect your PayPal account in less than 24hrs.
Remember we have a complete guide on how to create a working PayPal account here :You may choose to do it yourself.

If you’ve got any question, feel free to chat me up on WhatsApp.

Steps to Create PayPal account in Nigeria that can send and receive Payment worldwide without Using VPN

Want to open PayPal account in Nigeria? Have you been searching for complete steps on how to create PayPal account in Nigeria?, This tutorial is a complete guide on how to Create United Arab emirate (Uae) PayPal in Nigeria and this PayPal which can send and receive Payment in Nigeria can be created without using VPN.

Ever since the launch of PayPal in Nigeria many people have been finding it very difficult to create PayPal account in Nigeria without using VPN.

If you have a Dollar Master Card or visa Card, You can easily use VPN to create a working PayPal account in Nigeria which can receive and send funds locally and internationally. But it’s somehow stressful that you will always need VPN before you access your PayPal account.
Come to think of it, what if you have some good amount of PayPal funds available in your PayPal account and you mistakenly login without using VPN perhaps you forgot and your account get banned. this can be very painful since there’s no option to recover banned PayPal accounts.
Without the use of VPN , we have learnt to create PayPal account in Nigeria with ease. This same trick we’ve been using to create PayPal accounts for all our clients in Nigeria over the years.
With what am going to teach you free today, you will be able to create PayPal account in Nigeria without using VPN. And this PayPal account can send and receive money here in Nigeria and internationally

Materials Needed to Create PayPal account in Nigeria

What are the materials needed to create a working PayPal account that can send and receive funds here in Nigeria and other countries.? this is one of the questions that Nigeria PayPal newbies do ask.
To create PayPal account in Nigeria, you don’t really need anything much than:
  • Your Mobile Phone or PC
  • A Naira Master or Visa Card that’s not yet link with any other PayPal account
  • An email Address that’s not linked with other PayPal account
  • You can also use Dollar Master Card as this also works best, but if you only have a naira master Card(ATM) It’s still OK. you’re only need just one Card either Naira or Dollar Master Card
Apart from all of the three things listed (Mobile or PC, Naira or Dollar Master Card,E-mail Address) am sure there’s nothing else left to create PayPal account in Nigeria that can send and receive funds worldwide.
Having learnt the materials needed to open a working PayPal account in Nigeria without VPN let’s further to some reasons why you need PayPal in Nigeria before getting started with our today’s tutorial.

Why You need PayPal account in Nigeria

There are many reasons why you need PayPal account in Nigeria but the most crucial reasons are listed below.
  • Making Purchases Online

    In almost all foreign online stores, you cannot use your Local ATM cards to make purchases because of the currency differences.
    With the aid of PayPal, you can easily fund your PayPal account through your Naira Master Cards and buy anything online from international online stores with PayPal shopping Carts.
  • Receiving International Payments:

    If you’re a blogger, you will understand this aspect very well. Most of the affiliate marketing online do pay via PayPal payment methods.
    Without having a PayPal account in Nigeria, it’s certain you can’t get paid even after working or completing various online tasks.
    Apart from affiliating international companies, you may also have the opportunities to get sponsored posts on your blog from foreigners.
    Though there are options to pay via Wire Transfer in most of these online Programs but that may take too long with many processes before you can get your money here in Nigeria.(PayPal payment method has been the most convenient payment method to receive funds worldwide)
  • Sending Money Abroad:

    If you happen to have some monetary deals with clients from other countries, you can pay with PayPal, as PayPal have the available option to transfer money worldwide with just few steps.
    With this, you don’t even need to disclose your credit card details on any online platform. All you need is the PayPal email Address of the person you want to transfer funds to and you’re all done.
    Apart from the fact that you can send and receive money online worldwide with PayPal in Nigeria without issues, PayPal has always remained the best and most secured online payment gateway as well.

How to Open or Create PayPal account in Nigeria for free

From the above inscriptions, we’ve learnt alot about PayPal advantages and materials needed to open PayPal account in Nigeria without using VPN now let’s see steps to create PayPal account in Nigeria
One of the major reason why many people get issues why creating PayPal account in Nigeria is because of the first accessed URL.
When creating Nigeria PayPal without VPN, you don’t need to visit the direct PayPal URL {Paypal.Com} as that’s not the best practice to create Nigeria PayPal without VPN.
Visit the link and select sign Up from the top menu bar
create PayPal account in Nigeria
After Clicking on Signup since you are Signing UP and Not Signing IN. a the Next Page, you’ll be asked to select your account type.
I’d advice you go with the Business Account because anything that has to do with sending of fund or payment and receiving of fund or payment is also a business.
A Business is not only when you have a supermarket or sells what people see always. So Select the Business Account and Click on Continue to Proceed to Your Account Datas and Information
At the Next Page, you are required you Enter the email address you wana use for this paypal and Click Continue to Further with your Account Opening.
Use a valid email address of any type either yahoo, gmail, hotmail etc. it does not mean, what mean is the validity, since you can login to read mails sent to it. And Remember, This will be the email you will be using to login to your paypal account and be using to receive payment from any paypal account holder without a website.

This is where the account Opening IS; enter your correct details in the appropriate box. If you like forget that you are doing a valid and trusted transaction and Use another Person Name and Phone number, you may encounter issues in time to come so use your real details.
Fill in all the Boxes with the true details that speaks well of you but use this details in the following Boxes that i used a red arrow to signify;
  • Select Your Country As United Arab emirate (Uae)
  • In the Phone number box, Put Your Phone Current Phone number weather it be from india, otukpo, sango or ojota.
  • In the business address line 1 box, Put Abu hail as the Address.
In the City/town box, Put Abu hail as the city/town.
  • In the Postal code box, Put 18004 as the postal code.
  • And agree to their policy by ticking the box under it and Click on Agree and Continue. see this my screen shot below to understand more
  • create PayPal account in Nigeria
    its about your Business Now, So you dont need me tell you what to choose as your business because you yourself know what what you are doing and why you need this paypal account.
    Choose whatever matches your Creativity. So choose individual as the type of business whether you, your father inlaw and or 7 brothers of your friend are running the business, Choose Individual the select the categories that your business falls under.
    See my screen shot below to understand more:
    create PayPal account in Nigeria free
    Having filled the above form correctly, you can now click on continue
    At the Next Page, Provide information About You; Select the Identity Document you have. Select the one you know its still with you and enter the id number in the box then enter your date of birth and Submit. See my screen shot below to understand.
    create PayPal account in Nigeria
    Congrats, You Have successfully Opened a Half Verified Paypal Account It’s time to Fully Link with With your Bank Card for
    Making and Receiving Payment Online
    create PayPal account in Nigeria
    Now all you have to do it to login to your email address to Confirm and Link Your Card that Will Enable you Carry out Transactions like
    Collecting and Giving out Money From and to Your Bank. The verification link is sent to the email you used during registration.
    Having verified your email address, the next thing is to add Card for Final Verification’

    How to Add Credit or Debit Card to your Nigeria PayPal account for Final Verification

    Login to your Paypal Account Using your Paypal Email and Password you Used when Signing
    up for Paypal Account From Paypal Via this link
    Once you Login, Look for and Click on My Paypal
    create PayPal account in Nigeria
    Now look up again and you will see 2 in red, Click on it and it will pop out for you, click on Link
    and confirm debit or credit card.
    create PayPal account in Nigeria free
    From the next page, add your Card details and select your Card Type.
    Nigerian Bank Cards that works with PayPal
    Having filled in your card derails correctly, select Link Card.
    Now Paypal Will deduct $1.95USD from your bank. This is just to confirm you’re the owner of the account. This money will be refunded back to your account in 24hrs time.
    Having deducted the Above amount, Your bank will send your message with a verification code to verify your PayPal.
    Copy the highlighted 4 digit numbers sent along with your message. as shown below.

    The Naira equivalent of USD1.95 has been authorized for the
    transaction done on PP*0123CODE 0123456789FF

    Now login to your Paypal account and click on Confirm my debit or credit card“.
    Nigerian Bank Cards that works with PayPal
    Enter your 4digit certification code and click on the option to Confirm Card
    Nigerian Bank Cards that works with PayPal
    Now close the Windows and go back to your Paypal account dashboard and you will see your account status changed to verified.

    Wrapping Up :How to Open or create PayPal account in Nigeria that can send and receive money Worldwide

    With all of the above inscriptions, am sure you can now create PayPal account in Nigeria for free without using any VPN services.
    Did you come up with any issue when trying to create your PayPal account? you can drop it in our comment section perhaps we can help you fix it.
    Did you love our article on how to create PayPal account in Nigeria?, kindly share and tweet us using the below share buttons.
    Remember to subscribe Your E-mail address to get more updates regarding PayPal account in Nigeria and how to make money online with your PayPal account for free.

    Our Services

    We’ve been helping our clients create working PayPal accounts that can send and receive money Worldwide without the use of VPN over the years, as that’s our area of expertise.

    Incase you need a working PayPal account from us, don’t hesitate to use the contact details below and you will get your 100% working PayPal account created and properly verified in less than 30munites $— Our charges are the most affordable on the Internet. 


    Friday, 12 October 2018

    Gistfans Airtel 23gb subscription Cheat Blazing Now

    Gistfans Airtel 23gb subscription.

    Let's move to the game.
    Firstly, 👉🏽go to your message.
    💰Type "GET" without the quote then send it to 141
    💰Wait for good REPLY😉
    ......If you get CONGRATULATIONS you can now enjoy 100% blablah✅ (🤝🏽)

    💰Then quickly BUY airtel airtime worth of 200h. Are you THERE? 😎
    💰 Lastly, LOAD the card with this format... *143 *pin#......Boommmmmm

    If you're LUCKY, you will get whooping 4-6GB. to check, DIAL *223#

    Repeat it by loading multiple 200N that's how I accumulated 23gb with 1kN

    Add me in your success story ooo...

    Gistfans solved your data problem.

    Gistfans Cares 😉😉✌

    Below are Screenshot proves

    How To Fetch As Google In The New Search Console

    New Search Console: Ever since Google rolled out the New Search Console, many bloggers have been excited about the design. However, more are concerned about features that have changed or missing; especially the fetch as Google menu in the sidebar.

    Now, you may be wondering, how do I submit posts to Google for indexing in the new Webmaster tool ? It is very easy.

    In this Episode, I shall teach you How To Fetch And Submit Post To Google for indexing In The New Search Console. Are you ready for this? Take a bottle of Fanta and lets begin the journey.


    If you are not already logged in to your Google account or the new search console already, visit
    and then login in with your Gmail and password .

    If you are already logged in to the old search console, just click on Use New Search Console at the top. It should redirect you to the new search console.

    Url Inspection:

    After you have logged in, you will see URL INSPECTION . Url inspection is the same as the
    Search as Google you already know. Insert your full url into the box and hit enter or Search button.

    Request Indexing:

    After retrieving data, you will be told whether the url is on Google or Not . Then click on request indexing. It will test whether live url can be indexed or not. After that, Google will add your url to priority queue.

    Google then determine whether to crawl only submitted link or submitted links and associated urls/pages. That’s all. You have successfully requested indexing. You can then check if your new article has started appearing on Google Search Results.

    A question for you: Which do you prefer and thinks is easier between the new search console and the old one? Also, remember that Google is still working on the new search console.

    Are you satisfied? If No, Feel free to ask me questions and don’t fail to share this with friends.

    Sunday, 7 October 2018

    Easiest Method On How to get a free USA number for WhatsApp And PayPal Verification

    I see alot of people badly in need of USA whatsapp number, and i see some people selling USA numbers for 5,000naira. Today am gonna teach you for absolutely free.

    *Tools Needed

    1. Strong VPN DOWNLOAD HERE.


    Benefits For Create What’s App Account With U.s Number

    ✅More Privacy

    ✅Shock Your friend’s that you are master in tricks

    ✅International Number

    ✅Keep Your Number Secure

    Features Of What’s App U.s Number Trick

    ✅Hide Your Number

    ✅Totally Free (No Hidden Cost)

    ✅Create A/c With International Number (+1) Series

    ✅Working With any Android Device without any issues.

    How to Create Whatsapp Account With U.S. Number (Latest Working Method)

    This method is based on 2NDLINE APP. So if you would like to create your WhatsApp account with U.S number, then you can use this app. This app is officially not available on Google play store. Alternately, you can also use below mentioned step by step tutorial to know more about how can you create U.S number WhatsApp account right now for free.

    To proceed, you will need to download the 2NDLINE APPLICATION.

    The description of 2ndLine - Second Phone Number

    2ndLine is a second US or Canada phone number that works on your smartphone, tablets as a full-featured business phone system, designed for mobile professionals, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. Call and message from a separate number on devices you and your team already have, via Wi-Fi or your existing cellular network, with anyone in the U.S. and Canada.

    After successfully downloaded, install it on your phone, then Launch your VPN. If you dont have Vpn, download Windscribe VPN from HERE.

    After Successfully downloaded the Windscribe VPN, install it and then launch it. Create your Account, then login. When you login choose USA country then connect it. When it is connected successfully, you can now open your 2NDLINE APP.

    Create your account, then insert any 3 digit in the place they request for Area Code. Then choose any number of your choice. Thats all you have successfully created your USA phone number.

    Now lets make it work on whatsapp.**

    Remove your sims from your phone. The reason is that if your sim is on your phone, whatsapp will always detect you are from Nigeria, so the USA number wont work.

    So remove your 2 sim from your phone, then tell your friend to on his hotspot for you. Then connect your VPN on your phone, make sure it is connected to USA.

    Then continue with the whatsapp registration. When your whatsapp verification code is sent, just check your 2ndLine App for the code. When all is done, you can now put your sim back on your phone, then continue enjoying your USA number for Life.

    Remember we didn't charge you a dime for this tutorial, just take ur time to drop your comments to Appreciate us, so we can do more


    Method On How To Share Any browsing cheat Connection From Android To PC Over Wifi (No Rooting)

    Tethering your Android phone basically turns it into a mobile hotspot, allowing you to funnel a 3G or 4G internet connection from your phone into your PC or laptop via USB. As you might expect, phone carriers brought the hammer down in an effort to stop users from getting around the fees they charge to normally allow you to do this.

    People are now requesting for VPN softwares on their PC, simply because of the ongoing MTN cheat. Several people have asked me if there was HTTP Injector for PC, or if I had it.

    I always tell them no! The truth is, since you have a working config file on your device, there is actually no need to have the VPN software on your PC.

    There is an app called PdaNet+. This app allows you to share any type of Internet connection, both ordinary and VPN connection to your PC. This can be done through the following means;

    USB Mode

    Bluetooth Mode

    WiFi Direct Hotspot

    FoxFi/WiFi Hotspot Mode

    Those are the four ways by which PdaNet+ can tether the VPN connection from your smartphone to your PC. Before we dive into today’s tutorial, here are the requirements you need before you can be able to share any VPN connection from your Android device to PC.

    PdaNet+ for Android – Download here

    PdaNet+ for PC – Download here

    Step 1

    Install PdaNet+ in both your Android device and PC. Now, launch the PdaNet+ on your Android device and tap WiFi Direct Hotspot(new!)

    Go to the PdaNet+ on your PC, it’s obviously located at the bottom tray on your PC, depending on your computer. Tap on the PdaNet+ icon > Connect WiFi. A window will pop up with a notification message that it is searching for a WiFi connection. Now, go back to your Android phone, on your PdaNet+ app, tap WPS.

    Your device will appear on your PC’s PdaNet+ search menu.Simply click connect and enjoy fast browsing on your PC.

    Step 2

    Activate USB Debugging

    Go into your Android phone's menu and select
    Settings > Applications > Development . In that window, check the box that says USB Debugging .

    Connect your phone to your computer with a USB cable. Then run the PdaNet app on your phone and choose Enable USB Tether. The app will begin running as a background service.

    On your computer, there will now be a small phone symbol in your system tray. Right-click on that and hit Connect to finish the tether.

    You should now have 3G or 4G internet access on your computer. Be careful how much data you use though, as your carrier may become suspicious if you are downloading an extreme amount.

    Premium Hide My Ass(HMA) License Key For free

    Premium hide my ass keys



    HMA Keys


    X6 HMA KEY

    V8EF6V-LKLV6J-5FC5D2 EXP: 2019 BPJNDH-7WUD32-5FL5RN EXP:2020 Z64WLU-8ASLJ2-5FL5PA EXP:2019 9USF
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    Q6WJKS- 7RHCG2-5QC5N

    🚀 HMA License Working Key.


    Premium hide my ass keys



    🚀 HMA Key


    Thursday, 4 October 2018

    How to create EHI file for HTTP Injector.

    I know that everybody wants FREE, specially surfing the web without spending any cents from our pocket.

    After much disturbance from Bscoded, Cyberprince and other Gistfans members, i decided to write the full tutorial on how to create Custom .ehi Files.

    Before we start the tutorial we will discuss first a brief introduction about EHI and Http Injector.

    What is Http Injector?

    HTTP Injector is an android app. A VPN use to modify request and access blocked websites with SSH support and proxy server. It is also use to surf the internet for free (if you know the tricks.)

    What is an EHI file?

    An EHI file is a created configuration which will be imported to HTTP Injector. It is composed of payload, remote proxy and SSH account credentials.

    Things Needed:

    • HTTP Injector (You can download on playstore)
    • Payload (use my payload shown in the picture)
    • SSH account
    • Remote proxy


    1. First, Create your account here:


    2. After creating your account, go to the app – SSH settings and input the SSH credentials.


    3. Go to payload generator. Generate payload. Use payload:


    4. Go back to home and input the remote proxy.


    5. Check the DNS (default) and Start SSH


    6. On you mobile data And Click ‘’Start’’


    Boom! You are now CONNECTED.


    To Export the EHI file follow this screenshot:


    That's all ! I hope you learned from my tutorial. Dont forget to drop your commenton this post, because we love comments