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Music Interview About Amos Ikechukwu Ali (Da Biggie)

Music Interview About Amos Ikechukwu Ali (Da Biggie)

Question 1: What's your full name?

Answer: Am Amos ikechukwu ali

Question 2: What is your Nickname?

Answer: Da Biggie

Question 3: Which State are you from?

Answer: Enugu State

Question 4: When did you started Music and what made you go into music

Answer: I started singing during the early 2012 after finishing secondary school my classmate and friends inspires me a lot I discover they love what am doing which made me to push more harder in order not to disappoint them,they love seeing me brag and I include it in my career not because I enjoy it but to give them what they want

Question 5: What challenges have you faced and how did you go about them?

Answer: Emmm the major challenges I face and am still facing it are my parent and relatives they don't want me to be a musician they see musicians useless people and will do anything possible to stop me in doing music,I was on my own with no one to support me financially I gat to Suffer my ass out to make my dream a reality

Question 6: What was your greatest challenge? Do you still currently face one?

Answer: My greatest challenges is lack of finance and am still facing it looking up to God for a helper, with him alone I will reach my destiny and without him am nobody

Question 7: Do you have any Message to Musicians out there?

Answer: My message to upcomers out there is"don't give up" no matter the challenges you may face or currently facing as long as you know what you are made of never allow those challenges to bring you down keep ya head up and remain focus one day you gat to tell your own story ask psquare and other celebrity how they started and they will tell you.
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Music Interview About Amos Ikechukwu Ali (Da Biggie)


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