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[Scammer Alert] Kennedy Prosper CEO Paypalnigeria is a Scammer

[Scammer Alert] Kennedy Prosper CEO Paypalnigeria is a Scammer

Gistfans have tried to resolve this dispute which was all in vain, and we've come into conclusion that awareness should be created, below profile have been found guilty, not only on this report, but on other dubious extorting of money from fellows.

Facebook Profile

Full Name
Kennedy Prosper

Phone number


With our full review on this matter, we the Gistfans Team come to a conclusion that the above Tagged name called Kennedy Prosper is a scammer and must be brought to the public.

The reporter dropped a full screenshot between him and the named scammer Kennedy Prosper which you would find below.

Full Chat Between Our Reporter And Kennedy Prosper

After much accusations from Gistfans whatsapp Group, Kennedy Prosper Decided to defend himself claiming he was not the one.

Below was what he wrote

3 days ago a cousin brother who has always been jealous. 
Enticed me to sell my Blog to his course mate where they offered to pay 370k 
I needed the money for many offline businesses so i gat no option than to sell.
I made sure i removed my phone from the site after selling the site
This boy who has been on my neck took my line from my phone and gave to his Friend where they have been operating with it.
Anytime i call they keep it busy but very responsive on WhatsApp
I had no option but to stick to my other line
But i was never aware the length of evil he and his friends has done.
Sincerely speaking and to God who made me
I have gotten this request Twice with that same acc number which i have confirmed to be the account of one other of their course mate.
I just chilled because i was like voicing this out at this junction people won't believe me and that's true
Until this Guy who took the worst action of terminating my name.
I lied when i said i sold the blog to that line because there's no way to defend their action when they are still bearing my ID
Till now when i ask him for the number he still deny the fact that he got no access to the number

And that he knows nothing about the harm been done with the number
Please Groups
There's one Favor i want u to help me do
I want u to help me blog that number if possible
And also make it known On the Web
Because i can't stand to see my hard built reputation perish
Some of Gistfans Group members requested for screenshot of the transactions since he claimed he sold PaypalNigeria Website which you can find in the below screenshot, he refuse to drop.

Gistfans Group Members decided to ask Kennedy Prosper some few Questions, which he was unable to respond to.

You can find it below:

After much interrogation, Kennedy Prosper Decided to Refund the Victim 45,000naira in cash through the help of Gistfans Team.

So through the above evidence, i can now say Kennedy Prosper is a Cronic Scammer and not worthy to make any deal with anyone.

Anyone who deals with him is at stake, kindly be caution about who you deal with online and share this post to others, You can save someone from scam Today.
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[Scammer Alert] Kennedy Prosper CEO Paypalnigeria is a Scammer


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9 blogger


You must be a fool by posting this idiot


So u just decided to create a website to post rubbish abi.... Chia all these upcoming blogger fah


Your should have act your age not your blogs age....


This is not suppose to be, why are defrauding ourselves? Haba too bad.
Commenting from


Man stop using peoples reputation to gain traffic..



I know you won't approve this comment but trust me. Ogun will kill you you will die young all Yoi are gathering together will scatter all your reputation will damage in the almighty name of God. Foolish Boy. Oloshi.


guys why all this shit na. Kennedy isn't a scammer delete this post now


so guy what is your benefit about this tell us now

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