A grateful water vendor thanks everyone who shared his video and says, “My life changed before my eyes” (watch)

With a brand-new film, the well-known water vendor who was recently welcomed by the Aquafina corporation has won hearts.

He knelt on the ground in an emotional TikTok video to express his appreciation for his transformative experience.

The film has received a strong response from social media users, many of whom want to be recognized by a recognizable company.

The most recent rising star, Dr. H2O, has conveyed his sincere gratitude to Nigerians for their support. He also expressed gratitude to Hilda Baci, Tunde Ednut, and other well-known people who extended a helpful hand.

Dr H2O acknowledged the unexpected and overwhelming response he received while he thanked everyone involved. H20 thanks his manager for assistance Dr H2O specifically mentioned his manager, Koffiseed, expressing gratitude for his guidance and support throughout his journey.

He credited Koffiseed for playing a crucial role in his success which has gotten him to greater heights.

He said; “I really appreciate everyone for everything you’ve done. God bless y’all for supporting me. I didn’t expect this is how it’s going to be if not for Koffiseed my manager. “Thank you Hilda Baci for everything and my livelihood, God bless you sir I appreciate everything. Thank y’all.” Viral water hawker appreciates Tunde Ednut In another video shared by Koffiseed, Dr H2O appreciated Tunde Ednut for reposting his video and bringing him into the limelight. To express his profound gratitude, he humbly prostrated as a sign of respect for Ednut. “I really appreciate Tundeednut for everything you’ve done for reposting my video again I say thank you, I don’t know how to thank you. It’s not easy for someone to see your hustle and repost you but you did that so that people can continue to see my hustle and bless me. Thank you”, he said. 


Thank you sir @mufasatundeednut We appreciate God blessings sir ❣️❣️💯 #fypシ #foryou #fyp #viral please follow my boy @Wisdom_H2O

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