Actress Moyo Lawal declares, “When It Comes to Being Decent Inside, I’m On Top Ten,” as she releases a new video amid a viral tape (see).

Actress Moyo Lawal has at long last made a statement regarding her viral video footage that leaked a few hours ago.

The actress admits that when it comes to accepting guys into her life, she is the most tough girl ever.

She says that her s+x tape is the last thing they want to use to drag her down because it will never do so.

She continued by saying that she is extremely decent and behaves better than the average chick.

Gistfans Moyo Lawal, a resurrected Nollywood actress, is currently trending on social media.

In videos that were going popular on Twitter, the adored movie diva could be seen having a private moment with her companion. Moyo Lawal was spotted having a good time with her boyfriend and filming their shenanigans while wearing her “birthday suit.”

The video has now caused a sensation online despite the other celebrity tapes that have leaked, as some have criticized her for being stupid to allow a man to record a recording of her.

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