Actress Wunmi Toriola laments that “things aren’t clear for me again” as she makes plans to leave the country

Famous actress and director Wumi Toriola recently shared her worries about the current condition of events in the nation on her verified Instagram profile.

In her sincere message, she talked about her experiences serving as a Nigerian ambassador, where she worked relentlessly to promote optimism and illuminate a more promising future. Nevertheless, despite the continued difficulties, she occasionally wonders about moving because the circumstances are unclear.

Wumi Toriola stressed in her moving conclusion that the current state of affairs in Nigeria appears to be characterized by a stark disparity, with little room for a balanced and equal society.

“One minute, I’m an ambassador, raising hopes and helping people understand why it will get better,” she writes in the caption. After another minute, I want to move. I’m no longer sure of it. The middle class is gone. Either you are wealthy or you are poor.

Fans and celebrities expressed their regret over the present events in the country in response to this message, which sparked comments online.

“Sometimes I don’t know if I should envy the dead, but I know I won’t go crazy,” a fan admitted. Salutations to everyone who is owed.

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