Adebimpe Oyebade declares, “Murasi Shogbo,” while Lateef Adedimeji is seen in a video watching another woman, Big Yaensh, work out in the gym.

With the release of his new comedy series online, Lateef Adedimeji has sparked controversy. A video released by Femi Adebayo and Himself demonstrates how Lateef Adedimeji enjoys bump bum so much that he visits the Jim with the girl.

According to the video, Lateef asks a very attractive woman with a large rear end to take him for a workout because he wants a pack like other men do.

He said he saw God’s grace in the women and that he wanted them to be together.

The lady agrees to be of help to him, but the way Lateef cherishes food and the lady back side does not make him concentrate at all.

The video stirred reaction as Mo Bimpe his wife commented on the video asking him to continue, meaning he his pained with his husband’s reaction see her reply below.

She Wrote: Murasi shogbo 😂🤣🤣

The video as many people saying Lateef Adedimeji would explain the tire when they got home because of the comment made on the video by Mo Bimpe.

Though it’s a comedy series that will be shown on start time exclusive.

Watch below