Adekunle Gold Issues A Strong Warning To Brymo: “Never You Try To Disrespect My Wife And Family.”

The well-known Nigerian musician Adekunle Gold, whose true name is Adekunle Kosoko, recently warned his fellow performer Brymo over insults directed against Adekunle’s wife, Simi, and his entire family.

On Friday, Brymo posted on social media that he had declined the chance to work with Simi on a song because she allegedly refused to have a romantic relationship with him.

“There is a part of me that wants to feel regret for my need for a collaboration with the talented Simi.. but I am reminded that I was indeed, and honestly seeking to experience the outcome of making music with a female act I was bedding,” theniche said. Then, I made the same suggestion to Efya as well,” he stated on Twitter.

“Fate clearly interprets to destiny, and by definition sealed,” Brymo continued. Although AG contacted me afterwards, I like to believe that he didn’t do so out of free will or fate because I turned down the same request many years earlier. Free will may then be a natural right to participate in and bear witness to the unraveling of one’s own existence.

“I also said I wanted to get intimate to create intensity with Simi and I did the same with her.”

After Brymo’s tweets became viral online, there were a lot of angry comments about them on Twitter, with many people doubting his sanity.

Adekunle Gold was horrified by the singer’s post and advised him to get mental health treatment after warning him about his disdainful comment about his wife.

Do not disrespect my wife and my family, he said on his social media profile. Get Aid!”