As Aunty Ramota reveals her true age, Nigerians are in awe.

Despite being 42 years old, Ramota Adetu, better known as Aunty Ramota, continues to surprise audiences with her young appearance.

Aunty Ramota is a comedian, actor, and content creator who is well recognized for her humorous sketches.

Despite her little stature, she communicates joy and pleasure via her gifts.

When Aunty Ramota started her comedy shows years ago, she had a significant impact on the Nigerian entertainment industry.

In her comedic films, she creates exciting moments and leaves audiences pleased with her funny performances.

Many have been astounded by Aunty Ramota’s age and youthful appearance, even if little is known about her family.

Age is irrelevant when it comes to making people laugh, as evidenced by Aunty Ramota’s ability and humor, which continue to enthrall audiences.

She stated in one of her interviews that she dislikes the unfair treatment she receives from people due of her height.
Although she is short and doesn’t have the best body, she has managed to keep her comedy shows and make people in Nigeria and other parts of the world laugh