As comic actor Ijebuu purchases a million-dollar 2019 Lamborghini car, congratulations pour in (watch)

Ijebuu, a well-known comic actor, stirred up internet discussion after posting a video of his brand-new car and himself.

This video of the actor, who is currently wearing a yellow shirt and pair of pants to match the color of his automobile, becomes viral because many of his followers insist that there is a deeper significance to his choice of attire.

Joy The actor, who recently purchased a 2019 Lamborghini car valued at over 50 million dollars, could not contain his happiness as he shared a video of himself getting out of the vehicle and jumping in glee.

Although the actor has received numerous congratulations, many people still think that Ijebuu is a member of the well-known cult organization Alora (Fine Boy Cultist) because of the way he dresses.

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