As former BBnaija winner Laycon receives a master’s degree from the United Kingdom (UK), congratulations!

What wonderful news! We congratulate Laycon on receiving his Master’s in International Relations from a UK institution. Observing famous people continue their studies and hit academic milestones never fails to inspire. Laycon’s accomplishment is a terrific example for his fans and followers of how pursuing higher education may offer up new options and perspectives for people. Best of luck to him in his future pursuits!

Expressing gratitude to those who supported and made an achievement possible is a wonderful gesture. It reflects humility and appreciation for the people who have played a role in helping someone reach their goals. Laycon’s acknowledgment of those who contributed to his academic journey shows his recognition of the importance of a support system in achieving success. It also sets an example for others to acknowledge and appreciate the help they receive along their own paths. It’s heartwarming to see public figures like Laycon using their platforms to spread positivity and gratitude.

Congratulations to me. Thanks so much to everyone who made this possible. I no fit mention everybody but I go try to mention everyone wey I remember.

“Today na my graduation oo, so in case you see any picture or video of me wey I dey wear graduation gown. No be photoshop ooo!!

Before profess pictures come, cheers to me!!
MA International Relations”.