“Big Man Abu Abel says to Erekere, “This Boy I Dey Fear You, No Remove This One Go Ooooo,” while holding tight to his multi-million naira chain.

The amusing exchange between real estate tycoon Abu Abel and comedian Erekere at an occasion has already elicited a variety of comments.

The internet video of Abu Abel wearing his gold chain attracted attention because of the way he approached skitmaker Erekere, known for his deft depictions of theft in sketches, clutching the pricey necklace to his breast.

The two met today, August 20, 2023, during the naming ceremony for Cute Abiola and his wife’s child.

Amir was enthusiastically greeted by the couple on June 23 at the cottage hospital in Ilorin.

Nevertheless, the welcoming conversation between Erekere and Abu Abel at the naming ceremony was a memorable one. Unexpectedly, the billionaire started pleading with the comic not to steal his gold necklace, passionately hugging it to his chest.

Check out the video below;