Ceec Drags Pere’s Family Through the Mud, Calling Them “Your Papa, Your Mama, And Your Grandfather Are Cowards” [Video]

During a heated altercation on Wednesday morning, CeeC, a housemate on the BBNaija Season 8 All-Stars edition show, referred to Pere as a coward.

The altercation, which started with CeeC and another housemate, was directed at Pere when CeeC said that Pere was a bad friend.

This infuriated CeeC even more, causing her to lash out at Pere and call him vulgar names.

CeeC ruffled feathers during the argument by calling Pere’s relatives names.

During the dispute, CeeC inflamed the situation by hurling insults towards Pere’s family.

Defending himself against CeeC’s claims, Pere admitted that her rage was caused by his rejection of her love approaches.

Upon hearing this, CeeC responded to his assertion by pointing out that Pere had previously attempted to contact her through her direct messages but had been rejected.

The disagreement grew more heated despite attempts by housemate Ilebaye to defuse it.

In another story, Erica declares support for CeeC, weeks after Mercy Eke’s kiss with Kiddwaya

The fashionista and model confidently proclaimed that CeeC is destined to emerge as the winner of the coveted N120 million grand prize, urging fans and followers to come to terms with this undeniable truth.

Erica, who herself gained immense fame through her participation in a previous season of the reality show, has seemingly put aside any personal biases or rivalries to throw her full support behind CeeC.

Despite any skepticism or differing opinions, Erica emphasized that CeeC’s victory was inevitable and encouraged others to accept this fact gracefully.

“Cee Cee will win, just accept it 😂,” she wrote.

The endorsement from Erica comes as a surprise to many, especially considering her past interactions and connections within the BBNaija house.

Notably, she had been closely associated with Mercy Eke, who had shared a romantic moment with Erica’s former love interest, Kiddwaya, during a previous season.

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