Debbie Shokoya, an actress, boasts about her followers as she provides good news

Nollywood actress Debbie Shokoya recently greeted her followers on her blog and revealed some fantastic news.

The Yoruba actress thanked her millions of fans for their support after recently losing her kid.

She claimed to have realized that, in addition to people, she has the most incredible, devoted, and supportive admirers.

She boasted that her supporters consistently support her brands and her businesses, proving that they are not just talkers.

She announced the excellent news, saying that it was because to them that business had soared.

“Chai. I got to realize that I didn’t just have people, I have the realest, supportive, and amazing fans.

Mo love yin baje!!
Thank you so much.

My fans are not noisemakers.
They are doers with the doings. They were steadily supporting my brand and my businesses, even vendors that I advertise for.

Good news is that my business has skyrocketed. I made impressive statements and I am super proud of myself and thankful to you all”