Debbie Shokoya is comforted by actress Seyi Edun with prayers for her recent loss in the song “Love and Light Dear.”

Actress Seyi Edun expressed her sorrow for Debbie Debbie Shokoya’s tragic miscarriage of her 8-month-old child on Instagram.

The actress implores God to comfort the woman and replenish her with a new child.
Debbie Shokoya shared a lovely video of herself on Instagram a short while ago. When she was spotted crying and sharing the tragedy, the woman was discussing how she lost her 8-month-old baby while pregnant.

She claimed that many individuals were aware of her pregnancy and impending birth, but the baby was stillborn one month prior.

Since the video surfaced online, celebrities and her supporters have been praying for her.

Love and light @debbie_shokoya sending you a lot of love, according to the captions of her posts.