“Doctor, Please Come And Explain This One” – 9-months pregnant lady with twins Stir Reaction as she works out hard at the gym and lifts huge weights (Video)

A pregnant woman with twins has wowed many after a video of her aggressively exercising at a gym leaked online. Despite being nine months pregnant, she boldly lifts large weights and does outstanding squats. She is also shown jumping on a large tire in the video, demonstrating her agility and determination. The video elicited strong reactions from viewers and is widely circulated on the internet.

The woman’s occupation as a weight lifter or gym instructor is unclear in the video, but many netizens concluded she must be a gym instructor based on her effortless and proficient workout regimen while heavily pregnant with twins.

Social media users trooped via comment section to share their thoughts. Some reactions are shown below:

ntamkay740 said, “Babies in the belly be thinking they’re in a roller coaster 😂😂 love itt😍😍”.

essentialsandwearables said, “See as I dey here dey fear for her, make baby no go jump out 😂”.

aniberryj33 said, “Frm 5 month till I gave birth to my twins na hold them Dey hold me walker.”

queen_enegrace said, “I no get belle sef I lazy ehn 🥺”.

shydahpaz said, “She was already a weight lifter and an active gym rat before pregnancy and her body knows it’s capability and limitation. Please, let your doctor guide you on what you need to do or not do activity-wise.”