Drama when Sotayo Gaga retaliated against her body-shaming fans

Sotayo Gaga, a Nollywood actress, demonstrated her fierce response when she tackled a troll who had body shamed her.

The light-skinned Yoruba actress posted a video of herself dancing confidently, but it unfortunately attracted the ire of a male troll. This troll chose to body shame her and make offensive comments about her appearance; the post has since been removed.

She was mocked for being overly manly in the troll’s nasty statement, which unfairly compared her figure to that of the other gender.

Sotayo Gaga, however, did not accept this disrespectful remark. She struck back at the troll with her head held high, giving him a furious retort that put him in his place and ended the body-shaming attempt.

Body bullying should never be tolerated, and Sotayo Gaga’s courageous response serves as a reminder that everyone deserves respect and love, regardless of their appearance. Let’s all work to spread an accepting and compassionate society, both online and off.

“Ur body is like that of a man….too masculine”.

Hitting back at him, Sotayo Gaga stated that her husband loves it like that.

The movie star further ridiculed him for the shape of his head.

“My husband likes it like that. I’m sure your woman loves the shape of your head too”.

Watch the video below: