Emotional Video of Cute Abiola’s Wife Praying for a Safe Delivery Goes Viral: “I Really Suffered Before Getting This Pregnant”

A popular online video shows the wife of comedian Cute Abiola praying to her creator before giving birth.

Cute Abiola’s wife freely expressed her worry in the video while making references to her difficulties previous to being pregnant. Users of social media have been moved to tears by this clip, which serves as a moving reminder of the difficulties that pregnant women frequently encounter.

A touching video has appeared online just a few days after the elaborate naming ceremony and Thanksgiving gathering that famed sketch creator and comic actor Abdulgafar Ahmad, aka Cute Abiola, held. His wife Khudrah Mosunmola is seen in the video praying to her creator before giving birth.

In the brief video, a visibly pregnant Mosunmola candidly shares her apprehension about childbirth while fervently praying to God for a smooth and secure delivery.

In addition to her prayers for herself and their newborn, the wife of the skit maker also entreated her creator to ensure his well-being and continued life.

“I suffered before getting pregnant, God please save me and my baby,” she said as she prayed in Yoruba. She Wrote.

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