Erekere declares, “I’m Celebrating My Birthday Today With A Brand New Bens”

Olalekan Adeyemi, better known by his stage name Erekere, is a renowned Nigerian skit creator who is in the midst of a successful career in the comedy industry. Today, as he celebrates his birthday, he makes history by purchasing a Mercedes Benz.

Nigerian comedian and incredibly talented internet content producer Erekere has quickly become a household name there. He has become a well-known name in the comedy world thanks to his distinctive and humorous manner.

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Today is my birthday and this is a gift from me to me,Big shout-out to God the giver of all talent,grateful to my parents for the consistent love prayers and support.

Y’all help me thank my destiny helper @kamo_state I call him AGBA HELPER,heaven knows how much I’m grateful to you eegbon,aside the career thing you’ll still drag me to mountain for prayers,OSHA gangan I owe you my loyalty for life my brother,thank you for showing me way and still standing by me in every areas…

Thank you @iamsexysteel @funmiawelewa @mrmacaroni1 @iamedemvictor @kgoldondeck @abdollar755 for been there always

Big shout-out to all the bloggers that keep supporting this brand most especially @mufasatundeednut you’re a king maker,thank you for consistently showing me love,biggest gratitude to my fans and family all over the world,I won’t disappoint you because the best of me is yet to be unveiled

Happy Birthday To Me Idan Gangan!

Last slide🙏🫡