Everyone is perplexed and exhausted,” Toyin Abraham said after sharing a distressing message.

The well-known Nollywood actress and director Toyin Abraham Ajeyemi has sparked outrage among online users after uploading a worrying remark on her Twitter profile.

This gifted mother of one has openly shared her current emotional state amidst overwhelming criticism of the difficulties the nation is facing.

Toyin Abraham has openly expressed her feelings of bewilderment and weariness

“I am confused and tired”, she tweeted

Following her tweet, the actress, who is a fervent admirer of Tinubu, left many perplexed and perplexed. This didn’t sit well with netizens as many suggested that the country’s current difficulties didn’t favor her and her family.

View some online community responses.

Everyone will experience the effects of their deeds, Mheenarh wrote. No, don’t bother us.

“It’s okay to be confused and exhausted,” Mercee wrote. These famous people are also people.

Everyone feels disoriented and worn out, Tosin Juls wrote. She contributes to the problem. Asiwaju youngsters

“Asiwaju Baby don’t be tired and confused oh,” wrote Kinky Vee. Your family will be favored by the Tinubu administration. ronu in Yoruba.