Fans Say as Olayinka Solomon Flght His Ayoola Olaiya Dad in His Present (Watch) “You Don Finally Carry Wetin Pass You”

On his Instagram, Ayoola Olaiya posted a new video with three women.

In his films, Ayoola Olaiya like including stunning and seductive women or ladies.

The actor who has been labeled as “follow, follow” online by users for constantly stalking different women.

A few days ago fans questioned him on why he is always acting with girls alone, Many say they have not even seen him featuring his male colleagues except ladies alone.

His Post Read: Courage is the first attribute of a warrior. Be courageous like a warrior when it comes to chasing your ambitions✍️ Alakowe Premiere on my mind. September 9th, save the date lovers💕💕💕💯

Watch The Video Below;