Father, mother, and son are all vulcanizers in this family, and a video of them at work has gone viral.

Many people online have been moved by a touching video of a family who runs a vulcanizer shop to make ends meet. When a customer brought her car in for a tire repair, the couple and their 7-year-old son were all employees of the business. The woman claimed that since her monthly wage was insufficient to support the family, she quit her job to assist her husband.

News Feed on Facebo The challenges and tenacity of a family who operates a vulcanizer shop with their 7-year-old kid have been shown in a moving video. A woman who went to the shop to mend a flat tire on her automobile managed to record the video.

The wife revealed that although she had previously worked as a teacher, her monthly wage was not enough to support the family. She resigned from her position and went to work with her husband at the shop so they could both make more money. The woman was moved by the family’s tale and admired their fortitude and tenacity. On social media, the video has gained a lot of attention, and many users have praised and sympathized with the family.