God has treated us well. Adeniyi Johnson gives thanks for everything

Nollywood actor, Adeniyi Johnson  is reflecting on his early days with wife Seyi Edun whilst in the spirit of Thanksgiving.

The actor praised God for being so gracious to them while posting a vintage photo of them.

We have been treated so well by God.

After seven years of waiting, Adeniyi Johnson and Seyi Edun welcomed twins, proving that God has indeed been very nice to the pair.

The delighted father posted a message of gratitude to his wife along with the exciting news of the birth of their bundle of joy on Instagram.

He remembered how he and his wife had waited for the fruit of the womb for seven years and thanked God for their bundle of joy.

Weeks after their birth, the couple unveiled their twins’ names, Ayomikun

Adeniyi Johnson shares testimony as they dedicate their twins to God

While dedicating their twins on Seyi Edun’s Thanksgiving birthday, Adeniyi Johnson recounted how he and his wife were called several unprintable names over their inability to bear a child.

They recounted how they were called names and told to seek help from herbalists, but they stood firm and believed in God for His wonders.

Adeniyi Johnson recounts last moment with late sister as he marks her posthumous birthday

He also lamented over how his elder sister, Aderonke isn’t alive to see the twins she had fervently prayed for.

Taking to his Instagram page to mark her post-humous birthday, Johnson revealed that on his sister’s birthday in 2018, they had wept uncontrollably on the phone and she had prayed for him to become a father on her next birthday.

Unfortunately, his sister didn’t get to see her next birthday as she gave up the ghost that same year.

Adeniyi Johnson gives thanks to God for giving his wife, Seyi Edun a new name as she celebrates first Mother’s Day

On Mother’s Day in March, Johnson had noted how his wife always prayed every year to be a part of Mother’s Day celebration.

Fast forward to now, God has given her a new name and testimony.

Adeniyi stressed how God has changed her name and prayers and has made her the mother of twins.