His sole transgression was assisting Mohbad as a budding musician. Naira Marley is aggressively defended by actress Esther Nwachukwu.

The emphasis has shifted to Naira Marley as the country’s entertainment sector adjusts to the sudden and contentious passing of rising star Mohbad.

A Nigerian actress by the name of Esther Nwachukwu has come to Mohbad’s defense as charges and rumors linking Naira Marley to his tragic death continue to flow in.

Naira Marley’s main offense, according to Esther Nwachukwu, was helping and supporting Mohbad while he was a budding musician.

She also adamantly claimed that Nigerians were exaggerating the situation and that Naira Marley did not murder Mohbad.

She said that Naira Marley was a human creature and had typical human problems with Mohbad prior to his death, that did not imply that he was responsible for it.

While Naira Marley has received a lot of criticism from the media and the public, Esther’s outspoken backing has created a startling stir in the entertainment industry.

Mohbad’s death dispute has given rise to a number of speculations and accusations. Initial reports said that Mohbad died as a result of complications from an ear infection, but new information and videos have raised questions about possible foul play.

One such video showed Sam Larry, Naira Marley’s aide, physically assaulting Mohbad, leading many to question the circumstances surrounding his death.

Before his passing, Mohbad had also openly discussed his strained relationship with Marlian Records, the record label founded by Naira Marley.

This revelation raised eyebrows and added more fuel to the speculations surrounding his death.

Naira Marley has reacted to to these allegations and controversies with a statement, expressing his intention to uncover the truth behind Mohbad’s demise. He had also referred to Mohbad as a bother stating that he was “shattered and heartbroken” over his passing.

Naira Marley maintains that she and Mohbad have a cordial relationship, but a new statement from Mohbad’s staff disproves this. In a recent declaration, they admitted that they owed overdue royalties that they never paid to Mohbad before he passed away. They had additionally disclosed that, before to his unfortunate demise, Mohbad had filed a lawsuit against Marlian Records.