Hours after May Edochie resumes her normal life, Judy Austin casts curses, saying, “Let all the curses go back to the people laying the curses.”

Years after her first marriage ended, according to Judy Austin, she first encountered Yul Edochie in 2013.

On social media, the burgeoning actress debunked the rumors that were spread about her.

The purpose of Judy Asutin’s film, which she put to her social media profile, was to address the controversy surrounding her relationship with Yul Edochie while she was still wed to her first husband.

“In March 2013, my former marriage came to an end. Years after my marriage was totally shattered, I finally laid eyes on Yul Edochie.

Anyone who claims differently is blatantly lying. Let all the curses that people have been hurling at me come true if I’m lying and I did see Yul during my last marriage.

“But if for some reason, and I’m telling the truth, I met Yul for the first time years after my marriage was ended in divorce, let all the curses return to those who cast them a billion times over,” the author said. said Judy Austin.