“How I developed depression after being kicked out of the church for having relationships with four choir members” Olakira, a singer, discloses

Olakira confessed to TVC that he had been kicked out of his church for having s3x with four female church members.

He claimed that the expulsion had made him depressed, and that he had sought counselling to get better.

“I had my own issues as well. I got depressed at some point. I was unable to focus at some point. Everybody has their own thing.

I was a gospel artist some years back. And I had some experiences with ladies. I was in the choir and I had stuff with about four choristers and I was sacked from the church. You know when you sing in church and you are playing keyboard people get inspired. And, when I came into the secular world, the whole thing was just crowded. It was a lot. I went for therapy. I needed to get out of that space because it was very distracting.

I was raised by a single mother. So, I feel more comfortable around ladies than guys.


“My sister, Mummy GO, once discovered me having sex with an usher in church.” — Olakira

Olakira confesses, “My sister, Mummy GO, once caught me having sex with an usher in church”
Additionally, he admitted that he has a soft spot for women who wear waist jewelry.

“I adore women with waist beads. They intrigue me. If I see that she is lying down, I want to investigate further.

I wish I could touch it. When she moves, I want to watch how it trembles. It was almost my mumu button,” he continued.