I disposed  part of my assets to create Jagun Jagun. Femi Adebayo discloses

Nollywood actor and director Femi Adebayo Salami has discussed the lengths he took to make his most recent movie, Jagun Jagun.

The box office king admitted in a news conference that he sold his assets to pay for the movie since he did not want to ask for loans from businesses or individuals.

He acknowledged that the Jagun Jagun project is a multi-billion naira undertaking, but he declined to say how much he paid for the funding of the project.

“Jagun Jagun is a project worth many billions of naira, and I can’t say how much I spent on the shooting for it.”

Jagun Jagun was created with the Agbeshinkole profits. I was trying to avoid being supported by financial institutions and private individuals. When I ran out of money, I sold my houses because I was confident the initiative would succeed.

In other parts of the conversation, he confessed that his worst nightmare is how to defeat Jagun Jagun in his upcoming endeavor.

When he completed King of Thieves, he was confident that he would surpass it with his subsequent endeavor, but this optimism has since faded.

“Having to be at Jagun Jagun with my next production is my worst nightmare.”

Femi also discussed how he started from scratch to create the warrior school.

“We built from scratch the warrior school. We were forced with the challenge of purchasing that land, we wanted to own the land. And at a point, we had an agreement and paid for it, but the children of the owner of the land changed their minds about the land sale. We have built the school halfway when the children who came from Lagos told us to stop. They were ready to destroy all that we built and that held us up for almost a week, going to the Police station and Obas appealing to them and we were told to only shoot there and not buy it.

Speaking about his inspiration, he said, “What inspired the story of Jagun Jagun is the youth and environment of Nigeria.

I wanted to pass across a social message to the youths and wanted to do it culturally”.