“I was brutally gang-beaten in prison,” confesses Tiktoker after being detained for making derogatory remarks about Eniola Badmus (Video)

A TikToker who was recently detained for allegedly making a derogatory statement about well-known actress Eniola Badmus has now shared a terrifying account of her time in jail, stating that she was viciously gang-beaten.

Before ultimately paying a fine to gain her release, the woman used social media to highlight the upsetting events she had to suffer during her time in jail.

The lady revealed disturbing details of her time in prison in a video that was uploaded to TikTok, exposing the brutalities she experienced.

When she was attacked by a gang of more than six convicts, she claimed that the prison environment turned into a nightmare experience.

As she detailed the constant beatings she received from her assailants, her voice became trembling. The woman said that she was unable to remember all the times she had experienced physical abuse.

She suffered both bodily injuries and severe emotional scarring as a result of the tragic event.

She admitted that the assaults she had endured had been so terrible that after she was released, she needed medical care. The lady revealed that she has been receiving medical care to heal from the wounds and trauma she sustained while being held in detention.