I was compelled to continue assisting elderly actors by fans- Kamo

Ayoola Akinyoola, also known as Kamo, a comedian and sketch creator, has said that, contrary to popular belief, fans are willing to support veteran entertainers and do not want him to stop doing that.

In a chat with Saturday Beats, Kamo stated, “I wanted to eventually quit raising money for veterans. However, when I temporarily stopped doing it, folks still messaged me. Some of them even inquired as to when I would bring the next individual. They were willing to lend a hand. I initially disregarded it, but after some time, I realized that certain individuals truly wanted me to continue doing these things.

The comedian noted that he was shocked when he discovered that a veteran actor, Fatai Adetayo aka Lalude, who had been in the industry for over 50 years had never owned a car. He said, “Baba Lalude and I are usually on set together. We were on a particular set in Lagos, and I asked him, ‘Sir, where did you park your car’? He then told me that he had never owned a car in his life. I was surprised, because this man had been working for over 50 years. I then decided to dedicate myself to helping him and other veteran entertainers, and I intend to continue doing that.”

The content producer offered some words of wisdom to upcoming artists, saying, “As an entertainer, one needs to invest, because one cannot remain at the top forever. To make the most of celebrity when it comes, one must also be prepared for it. Of course, one must work hard as well.

Akinyoola also insisted that doing skits was quite profitable. “Content creation is a very lucrative business,” he declared. I have a pretty comfortable life. I have access to anything I need.