‘Jeje laye oo Olohun’ Ma je ko loyun ko toh lo ile, Mr. Macaroni and Bimbo Ademoye were seen in the video smoothing each after-movie shot, according to Fathia Balogun.

A few views of the behind-the-scenes activities during the making of the popular film “Jagun Jagun,” directed by Femi Adebayo, have started to surface since its successful release.

In a behind-the-scenes video that is making the rounds online, Mr. Macaroni and Bimbo Ademoye are seen sharing a private moment while filming “Jagun Jagun.”

This development follows a video where Lateef Adedimeji can be seen in considerable pain after sustaining a leg injury on the set of “Jagun Jagun.”

On the movie set, Mr. Macaroni was seen lovingly embracing Bimbo Ademoye in the video, which gave the scenario a romantic feel.

As he drew nearer, Bimbo was observed fighting to get free of the ecstatic Mr. Macaroni’s tight hold of her.

Bimbo Ademoye tries to break free of Macaroni’s grip but Fathia Balogun, who is walking by, overhears her being warned. On the set of the movie, Fathia jokingly speculates about Bimbo and Mr. Macaroni becoming pregnant.

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