Jigan Babaoja’s response to heavy-br3sted actress Damilola Oni sharing a love-up photo with a man was, “I’m more handsome than him.”

The well-liked Nollywood actress Damilola Oni recently surprised her fans and followers by posting gorgeous images of herself with an unidentified male on her Instagram page.

Damilola Oni is seen in the photographs radiating beauty, attractiveness, class, and charm as she gracefully dons a stunning multicolored gown and a pair of adorable shoes. The couple exudes joy as they strike fashionable postures for the camera while flashing gorgeous smiles. She stated in her post that these photos were taken on a different day while the Brethren were gathered together.

Damilola Oni is a fantastic Nollywood actress who is famous for her outstanding acting abilities and remarkable interpretation of a variety of roles. She has an outstanding following of almost 277,000 followers on her page and holds a variety of positions in addition to performing, including presenter, filmmaker, movie producer, brand ambassador, entrepreneur, creative director, and brand influencer.

Adding to her accomplishments, she co-hosts the popular television program “Aajiirebi.” Throughout her career, Damilola Oni has graced numerous Yoruba films, showcasing her talent alongside esteemed actors within the industry. Her versatility and dedication have earned her well-deserved acclaim in the entertainment world.

Recalled by Gistfans site Popular Nollywood performer Jigan Babaoja recently addressed the incident in which Damilola Oni, a coworker, refused to kiss him on the set of a movie.

There have been conflicting reactions to a video taken on the set of a Yoruba movie that shows Jigan Babaoja and Damilola Oni arguing over her unwillingness to participate in a kissing scene.

In the video, Jigan sparked a commotion when the actress refused to kiss him during filming because she thought the script asked for her to kiss Actor Odunlade.

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