Kizz Daniel cut himself off because of this.- OAP Nedu discusses and divulges information regarding the music industry’s shadowy underbelly.

Nedu, a media figure and podcast host, has stirred up a lot of debate by talking about the murky side of the music industry.

Nedu asserted that in the wake of the passing of the young Nigerian musician Mohbad, the music business is extremely dismal.
He said that throughout the course of his more than 13 years as a radio host in the entertainment industry, he had witnessed both the success and failure of Nigerian music musicians.

The well-known OAP began by emphasizing how hopeless the music industry is and then discussed how everyone there aspires to fame.

He counseled aspiring artists to cease seeking approval and instead achieve something valuable using Mohbad’s passing as an example.

He went on to say that success is temporary and that up-and-coming musicians should make the most of their success.

Many people who responded to it mentioned how Kizz Daniel had been following his own path ever since he cut ties with his record company.

“Just be like Kizz Daniel, isolate yourself from other musicians,” wrote Susylicious Hawt.

We all need to know how, according to One Seun Dreams. By surviving this with the cabals, Kizz Daniel was able to establish himself as a man mopol.

Where’s the lie, asked One Poshest Hope. Artists in the making, please think before you leap. Don’t rush into joining a cult for a record label.

Nedu “knows and has a lot to say but it is well,” one Essence said. just like he said!