“My phone is being held by the police,” TikToker, who was detained for defamation by Eniola Badmus, said after being released from prison.

Ego Blessing Okoye, a Nigerian tiktoker, recently drew a lot of attention online when she was arrested under the watchful eye of famed actress Eniola Badmus.Eniola Badmus.

Blessing has finally spoken out after being released from detention.

In a video that has gone viral on social media, Ego laments the fact that the cops have her phone in custody.

The woman stated that she had been freed from detention for more than a week after her quarrel with Eniola was handled and she had to pay a fine.

According to Ego, the police have been deaf to the court’s order that her belongings be restored.

She added that she had frequently gone to the police station only to be told to return on different days.

The TikToker described her dilemma and how losing her phone has hampered her capacity to access funds. She highlighted her need for medical care but her inability to pay for it, adding gasoline to the fire.

To top it all off, she lamented the fact that she had missed out on a good opportunity to interview for a Canada sponsorship since her phone’s unreachable access codeaccess code was buried there.

Eniola Badmus sued tiktoker Blessing for defamation after he called her a pimp.

She alleged in a popular video that Badmus had connected young ladies with influential politicians in exchange for money. This footage was widely disseminated on social media, severely harming the star’s reputation.

Blessing was sentenced to three years in prison for cyberstalking at the High Court on Wednesday, August 2, 2023, with the option of paying a fine of $150,000.