Phoebe, a well-known influencer and content creator, responds to the rumored leak of her tape.

The focus is on Phoebe Odekina Ejura, also known as Phoebe, a popular Nigerian comedian who is involved in the revolting drama surrounding a leaked s+xtape that is going viral online.

Online users recently flooded social media with allegations that Phoebe was seen having a sexual encounter with an unidentified individual in a widely circulated sextape.

As a result of the offensive film, there was a flurry of online debate, with people blaming Phoebe as well as making fun of her.

Phoebe didn’t hold back when she used her Instagram account on Tuesday to deliver a scathing rebuke to the rumor mongers who were unwillingly spreading false information.

Because the woman in the video had her trademark hairstyle, Phoebe couldn’t understand why anyone would dare suppose that they were seeing the same steamy tape as her.

She made it quite evident that the purported sexcapade was only a fragment of a longer video. She also made a point of pointing out that in order to protect the integrity of her brand, she had to take action and deal with the situation.

In contrast to the woman in that controversial video, the content creator was blunt when she stated that she is not into jewelry.

She didn’t hold back when she attacked Nigerians, accusing them of enjoying her bad news and branding them as stagnant gossips.