“Please allow me to explain. Comedian Woli Agba urges viewers not to pass judgment just yet as he posts a photo of himself dressed as a woman.

Popular Nigerian comedian Woli Agba is renowned for his own brand of humor that incorporates a religious undertone. He is well known for his humorous social media skits, which have helped him gain a sizable following in Nigeria and elsewhere.

The well-known comedian Woli Agba sparked discussion on Instagram after posting a photo of himself dressing in women’s clothing and wigs.

His Phrases Please read; I’ll explain. Until you judge me,Okay, I apologise. Please pardon me, IPM world. 🙏🙏
Should I give further details or is it not necessary?

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Woli Agba, a well-known comedian and creator of skits, recently used social media to celebrate his wife’s birthday, a momentous occasion.

He expressed his deep gratitude for her love, support, and continual presence by his side in a poignant post, pouring out his honest sentiments.

Woli Agba conveyed his great gratitude for his wife’s unwavering love and care with sincere adoration. He thanked her for her unwavering assistance, amazing tolerance, and outstanding comprehension. Learn More

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