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Sunday, 30 September 2018

5 Nigerian Artistes Who Are Confirmed Weed Smokers

There has been many talks about Nigerian artistes doing songs glorifying drugs and thereby encouraging drug abuse in the society.Well, if the adage “you are what you sing” is anything to go by, then it is safe to conclude that these artistes singing about weed and all kinds of drugs are “Baba Oja” while their fans are “Omo Oloja“.Below Are 5 Nigerian Artistes Confirmed To Be Habitual Smokers:-

1. Wizkid

Starboy Records boss, Wizkid is a certified weed addict as he has been spotted many times smoking hard.A show promoter once said, “Even Terry Gsurrendered when he saw Wizkid smoking”. It’s certain that Fela too will fear Wizkid’s smoking habit in heaven.

2.  Burna Boy

This one no dey even hide am. Burna Boy has been spotted several times smoking in public. For Burna Boy, weed is life and probably his only source of inspiration.In 2013, he released a song titled “Smoke Some Weed” which is a strong proof of his love for weed. Round the clock, every single day, Burnakeeps burning the weed.Wehdone sir, body go tell you soon!

3.  Davido

The question of whether or not Davido is a “Science student” first sprang up when his voice began to sound froggy. At some point the singer started showing off his smoking lifestyle on social media, afterall he is O.B.O.

4.  Reminisce

He is Alaga of many things and weed is one of them. Meanwhile, the “Ponmile” crooner is not fond of showing off his love for weed but he is an OG in the game.

5. Olamide

The YBNL boss is another big fan of Weed. He’s been attacked so many times for some his songs that seemed to be glorifying drugs. Apparently, baddo has been inspired many times by weed.Yea! some element of “weedspiration” can be noticed on songs like “Wo“, “Science Student“, “Update” and lots more. Someone that can prepare an album of over 10 tracks in 48hours, if not “weed” what else do you think gives him that drive?Meanwhile it is advisable that fans of these artistes not to follow their weed smoking lifestyle. Obviously, these artistes are celebrities with so much money to foot medical bills for any ailment that strikes them as a result of drug intake. Be warned!!

Which Nigerian Artiste Is The Overall Boss In Weed Smoking?

Which Other Nigerian Artiste Do You Think Should Be On This List?

Let’s hear from youDrop your comments

Wednesday, 26 September 2018


A Nigerian guy has shared screenshot of a conversation he had with a Nigerian Lady he met on the street.. Apparently, after a few days of chatting, they had seks.

Read His Narration below, including a screenshot:

Why Are Ladies Like This? Is Sex A Gift To Men?

_I met this lady on saturday walking down with her sis. I holla at her then we exchanged numbers. We chatted briefly on saturday night after she saw a watsapp status of me stunting with my guy and revving the streets in my ride while doing a video. She hailed me for being a flexer.

Fast forward to Sunday Afternoon we chatted and she said she was a bit bored so I invited her over. I picked her up half way at Opebi and we drove to my crib after a brief stop over at Chicken republic for takeaway entertainment.

We got to the crib and after eating and while watching DSTV i made a move and she said it was early but was moaning and we bleeped two rounds, then I dropped her off at Ikeja with some little transport money 2k. I never asked her out or told her i needed a GF.

Why do Naija girls feel after sex you owe dem something? So stupidly entitled. Didnt we both enjoy it? Lmao. Now because i did not call yesterday and text shes getting pissed off._

See Chat:-

Nigerian P*rn Star, Annie Blonde Explains Why She Joined P*rn (full story)

Nigerian P*rn Star, Annie Blonde, has narrated her reasons for joining Kingtblakhoc in the p*rn business, before she decided to go solo.

Annie revealed she was raped after she was sent out in the night by her aunt a because she forgot a meat worth a thousand naira.

Annie Blonde added that she left University of Ibadan in her 200level, and also looked for job everywhere with nobody to help.

Read her post on her journey to the porn industry below;

Am not Wrighting this to get pity or love frm anyone ,Let me start frm this I grew up with my uncle and aunty I went to primary sch secondary sch and then to the university I left ui when I was in 200l going to 300l I really never wanted to leave but I had to leave when I was raped (I went home for holidays like any normal child would go home I was raped which was caused by aunty cause I was sent out in the middle of the night because of meat because I forgot 1000naira meat )
The day I was raped I never told anyone at home cause even if I did everyone will think I was a lair I will never forget the spot I was raped I was in the hospital for a week cried for pain needed help I left home left sch behind. I looked for job everywhere no one was ready to help until I get laid with which I really needed the money to go to sch since my admission was not expired yet I didn’t have anywhere to go because I left home I was called a bastard many times my uncle always said I should go and die like my mother did.

To be sincere have never seen my father or mother b4 I don’t knw who my sisters and brothers are even if I see them I will never knw they are the ones .

The rest part is for another day .never judge anyone don’t be too quick to condemn cause no one knws we’re we will all end up on the lastday.


A Source just sent in one of the most shocking video i have ever watched in my life according to the source the video allegedly shows a 15year old secondary school girl named chioma from owerri been Gang Banged by 8 abled bodied men.

15 year Old Owerri Secondary School Girl Named Chioma Laughs And Moans In Excitement As 8 Men Take Turns To Sleep With Her As Initiation Process Into Their Cult Group In Imo State Nigeria.

According to the source who sent in the video the incident happed in Imo State Owerri the 15year old girl willingly subjected herself to this act as an intiation process into a cult Group, The most shocking thing in this video is that non of these guys even wore a condom.

These 8 Guys Must All Be Arrested, Please Share Till It Gets To The IG Of Police And Imo State Governor;

The 2mins 31 seconds Video Starts off and the action had already began

Man 1: This Girl They very sweet ooo
Girl: Moaning

Man 2: I never release oh

Man 1: You for release na

Girl : Moaning

Man 1: Commot your boxers na
Thrusting in and out sound

Man 3: who is seriously banging the girl in a doggy position finishes up and nuts on the bed,

Man 4: Then takes over, and turns her body position into missionary

Man 1: She Has The Power

Girl: Please stop am tired

Man 1: Chioma will you sk my dk? should i come?

Girl: Moaning, Please stop am tired

Man 1: You are not tired

Lil Yatchys Peekaboo song at the background then fades off.



Saturday, 15 September 2018

Watch The Full Nude Photos Posted By Female Facebook User

A Nigerian lady who appears to be the “most hated” on Facebook, has revealed that she doesn’t care how the public sees her following her raunchy and sexy displays on the social media platform.

The lady who hails from Delta state but resides in Lagos, decided to troll her online ‘haters’ once again by sharing more daring pictures of herself in her underwear.

This earned the lady a barrage of insults and criticism from online users as they blasted her and labelled her a ‘cheap girl’.
The lady who’s apparently not moved by the insults later hit back at her critics by saying most of her ‘haters’ are the ones sliding into her inbox to ask for her number.

See how online users reacted to her pictures:-

Friday, 14 September 2018

Lady caught after dumping her baby in a bush[Checkout]

A young lady was caught while trying to escape after abandoning her child in a bush in Ofada, Ogun State.

In a video published online, the lady who revealed she is from Ijero, Ekiti, recently gave birth to twin girls and tried to dump one in the bush.

The lady can be heard in the video saying she arrived Ofada in search of her babies’ father after one of them fell sick.

According to the said lady, she met the children’s father, Lukmon, in Ekiti, but hasn’t been in contact with him since she gave birth, as he ran away and changed his phone number.

She further narrated that she was tired of all the sufferings around her and decided to dump the sick twin since she couldn’t find the father in Ofada where he claimed to have worked.

Thursday, 13 September 2018

See Reasons Why You Must Start Eating Cockroaches

You might be thinking eating cockroach is disgusting, because in Western society we do not value insects as a food source. We largely consider them dirty creatures that need to be eradicated, not eaten.

But do you know that people eat cockroaches in many countries and cultures around the world, commonly in Asia?

Yes, cockroaches are edible and healthy to eat, provided they are prepared properly. They must be washed and thoroughly cooked prior to eating, to kill any bacteria on the cockroach.

Don’t eat a raw cockroach, though. Just as you wouldn’t eat raw chicken or beef. The germs need to be burnt off in the cooking process. Usually, this is accomplished by frying the roaches in vegetable oil, which also gives them a crunchy and crispy texture.

For example, here in Thailand, they serve fried insects in many local dishes. They are also quite popular as a street food.

Frequently, food carts can be spotted with the various types of insects on display.
Western tourists often gawk at this, and stop to take pictures — after overcoming their initial shock. Their apparent disgust sometimes offends or insults the locals, with whom fried roaches and crickets are quite popular.

I have to admit, I did a double-take the first time I saw a street food cart filled with various fried insects, including cockroaches. I did my best to be polite and not show it, but the strong cultural notions I brought with me from America made me look down on the practice of eating roaches, initially.

But since then I have become accustomed to the practice, and it doesn’t shock me anymore. In fact, I really think it is a quite sensible idea. If cockroaches are plentiful and cheap, and also tasty, why shouldn’t people eat them?

For most people, it’s just a matter of getting over your pre-existing hangups about cockroaches being dirty and disgusting. However, for some this may prove to be a high mental hurdle, indeed.

Sunday, 12 August 2018

“Satan is the creator of the world, God is taking his glory” – Nigerian man, says

A Nigerian man simply identified as Full-time Udummiri Nwakalu on facebook has come out to say that satan is the creator of the world and all glory should be given to him and not to God.

According to him, he will reclaim satan’s lost glory by initiating more people to his kingdom. He also accused God of being a criminal and brainwashing people to serve him.

Read his post below;

“Wow our temple is so beautiful.
Satan I know you are the creator of the world but God is taking your glory and that is why you sent me to restore your glory. People will crucify me for sure but forgive them father because they have been brainwashed by God. God is a criminal for sure.

I promise you that I will initiate enough Christians to your kingdom before the end of time. Please forgive those who insult me, it’s not their fault, instead cast God into a buttonless pit including those who follow his evil ways”

Thursday, 9 August 2018

Headless body of a young girl found inside a suitcase in Edo State (Graphic Photos)

Residents of the Ugbowo area in Edo State were thrown into serious confusion and panic when they woke up this morning, Friday, AUG 10, 2018, to meet the strange sight of the headless body of a young girl inside a suitcase.

According to **Precious Agberia Takufia*" , one of the first persons to be drawn to the scene, the headless body of the naked girl was found stuffed into the suitcase by the roadside along Ugbowo Road in Benin, the capital of the state.

Takufia then posted the story and the gory pictures on her Facebook page with the

“Headless body of a young girl found along Ugbowo Federal Road, Edo State.

Me: Lesson to young ladies who are jumping into flashy cars and following big boys where dey don’t know where the money is coming from.”

According to commenters on Takufia's post, the murdered girl could have been killed by ritualists who are always on the prowl towards the end of the, especially beginning from October, famously tagged the Ember months.

This is not the first time such an incident will be happening in this era of people looking for money by all means, even killing their fellow human beings in the process.
In early October, there was pandemonium in Sapele, Delta State, as the corpse of an unidentified lady was found by the roadside, ostensibly dumped by ritual killers.

According to ST Media, the body of the victim was discovered along Market Road by Akintola Road in the town at about 10 pm on the night of Thursday, August 09, 2018.

Eyewitnesses said parts of the lady's head was shaved, lending credence to the fact that she must have been killed by ritualists who dumped her by the road.

Saturday, 28 July 2018

Armed robber set ablaze after shooting lady dead outside a bank in Lagos (graphic photos)

An armed robber who shot a lady dead outside a commercial bank at the Suru-Alaba area in Lagos, was served mob justice by angry residents of the area.
Though the man’s accomplice escaped, however it was gathered that the two suspects tried robbing the lady as she stepped out of the bankand shot her in the head before trying to steal her money. They however ran out of luck, as they were lynched by residents of the area who acted caught up with them.
One of the armed robbers was set ablaze by the angry mob, while the lady’s corpse was sent to the morgue. Here are photos below;

Few months ago, a suspected armed robber was also set ablaze by irate youths in Nkpor, near Onitsha, following an alleged robbery attack on a businessman along Owerri-Awka road in the area. An eyewitness told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that the victim had just finished withdrawing money from a nearby bank at about 3pm, when he was attacked by the suspect and two others operating on motorcycle.
According to the source, the suspected robbers dispossessed the victim of an undisclosed amount of money, after trailing him from a distance.
“The victim quickly raised alarm which attracted passersby, who gave them a hot chase and apprehended one suspect, while his accomplices escaped.
“The suspect was immediately set ablaze by the angry youths before the arrival of the local security operatives in the area,” the source said.
Efforts to get the reaction of the state Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Mrs Nkeiru Nwode were not successful. When contacted, the Coordinator, Nkpor Central Vigilante Services, Mr Raphael Anonye, who confirmed the incident, told NAN that efforts were on to arrest the escapees. He, however, cautioned residents not to take laws into their hands, adding that they should allow security agencies carry out their responsibility.

Top 5 most beautiful Yoruba actresses 2018 (PHOTOS)

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder but there are generally acclaimed standards of beauty. People who fall in this category look very attractive to everyone. It’s believed that they were created on a Sunday. The Yoruba film industry isn’t lacking in this area as it has a good number of women who can give other beautiful women in other parts of the world a run for their money. Our Yoruba Actresses are well crafted like works of art.
See the top 5 most beautiful Yoruba Actresses 2018
Mide Funmi Martins

This married Yoruba Actress is no doubt a beauty in the eye of her husband, but she’s also a beauty in everyone’s eye too. One of the most sought after Actresses in the indigenous industry, she possesses the screen with an aura that only a few Actresses have.
A film Producer herself, this damsel has produced a couple of movies. She’s no novice in the business of filmmaking as her late mother was one of the pioneers of the industry.
Not even being a mother of two could make Mide less beautiful; she’s as beautiful a sweet sixteen.
Mercy Aigbe

A list of beautiful women in the industry would be incomplete without a mention of Mercy Aigbe. With a face to die for and a body to kill for, this wife and mother illuminates the screen with her beauty.
Beyond being a very talented Actress, Mercy is also known for her good fashion sense. She can dress for Africa, and always puts her best foot forward on the red carpet. The film Producer makes being beautiful look so easy.
Toyin Abraham

Seating on the third spot is the lovely Toyin Abraham. Formally known as Toyin Aimakhu, the screen diva has a beautiful smile that can melt the bravest of hearts. A combination of a pretty face and curvaceous body, Toyin gives many other Actresses a run for their money.
One of the most talented Actresses in the Yoruba industry, Toyin has featured in very big productions that have earned her accolades and recognitions.
Biodun Okeowo

Biodun Okeowo is undoubtedly one of the leading ladies in the Yoruba film industry. With impressive acting skills, this light-skinned woman has a large fan-base. But her acting skills aren’t the only reason why people love; they are crazy about her beauty too.
Omo Butty as she’s popularly called is the true definition of sexy. She’s proof that a woman can have a very pretty face and a great body too. A single mother, childbirth couldn’t make her any less beautiful.
Iyabo Ojo

Iyabo Ojo is one melanin beauty. Having been in the industry for some years, she has grown to become a force to reckon with. Juggling between acting, producing and directing, Iyabo has proven that she’s more than just a pretty face.
With a huge following, the screen diva has the audience eating off her palm as she dishes effortless performances, spiced with her signature beauty in movies.


Let’s talk about Nigerian celebrities and their houses! Do you want to find out all the chic mansions owned by some of the most famous super stars? Only the best photos! You will be surprised! Everyone who has achieved a certain success in life tries to buy real estate. As for celebrities, the place of residence is also an indicator of their status. They say, my house is my castle. The show business stars are divided into two categories. There are those who prefer not to advertise their homes. They buy a modest house far away from prying eyes or prefer to rent housing and not stay for a long time in one place.

Wizkid house
In 2016, the highly successful musician acquired a mansion on the hills of Los Angeles, in the United States. As you can see in the photos, it’s a real “palace” in a colonial style. The building of the house is quite large. It has three floors. The house is painted in sandy colour and blends in with the surrounding landscape.

A gorgeous staircase made of white marble leads to the front entrance. It’s made in the classical style. The building has large panoramic windows, several balconies, and graceful terraces with columns. The surrounding of the house is decorated with arches and wrought-iron fences on balconies and terraces. A unique charm to the palace is shown by lanterns fixed on the walls of the house. It gives the place a vintage look.

Around the house, there are a lot of green spaces. In front of the mansion, a large courtyard can be found. It’s laid out with terracotta tiles and has a decent-sized swimming pool. At the pool, there are many places to get some or host friendly gatherings. Obviously the musician and his friends spend a lot of time here. A beautiful view of nature opens up from the house and courtyard. The house interior is also made in the classical style. The decoration of the mansion is simple without any excess. Only calm and neutral colors can be found there.

The amount paid by the singer for his palace is not known to the public. But real estate in this area costs approximately 10 – 15 million dollars. We bet Wizkid is loving this fancy crib.

It’s said that the musician has a house in Lekki, Nigeria. But whether it’s the singer’s property or he just rents the house, it’s not very clear.

Davido mansion
Davido mansion

Davido as a famous and very popular singer in Nigeria has a house in Lekki. For some time the musician aroused the public’s interest with photos taken from the construction site. He assured fans that it was the building of his new house. Recently, he announced his move to his new mansion.

On the Internet, there are photos and videos of that building. It resembles Davido’s old house but beautifully renovated. The house is quite massive. It has three floors. Its design is simple without any special frills and fanciful elements.
There are several balconies and a terrace there.
The house interior is definitely fit for a bachelor. The colours of decoration are calm, basic, and soft. The predominant colours are ivory, light beige, gray, and brown. The rooms are huge and bright. There is not a lot of furniture.
We certainly see that he has a billiard room, a dressing room, a bathroom and bedrooms. There is a shelf that houses the singer’s musical awards. The musician’s closet is also large. This celebrity obviously has a lot of shoes and clothes.

The courtyard near the house is small and cozy. It is closed from prying eyes by an impressively large fence. There is a small lawn and a beautiful fountain that brightens up the place. There is enough space for several cars. According to reports, the musician spent about 40 million Naira on the house.
It doesn’t matter whether it’s a new house or an old one, but the renovation is excellent, modern, and tasteful. The important thing is that Davido feels good here.

Olamide house in Lekki

Olamide house
This rapper, unlike his colleagues in Nigeria does not advertise his real estate very much. On the Internet, there are some photos of his house taken from afar. It’s hard to consider in detail the place where the musician lives. It’s known that Olamide’s house is near Lekki. As you can see, Nigerian celebrities love this area! The value of his mansion is about 38 million Naira. They say besides the above house, Olamide has two more mansions.

The house in Lekki is big and has large windows. The yard is also quite spacious. Outside, the mansion looks like the surrounding buildings, but according to reports, the musician invested a lot of money in decoration and repairs. He used the services of professional designers.

The impression of the mansion’s interior can only be concluded from the individual videos posted on the Internet. In his house, Olamide spends time with his son or friends. For decoration, we can notice pastel colors: beige, ivory, and peach. Some walls have a brick finish. The furniture is expensive and of high quality. Various tones of brown and gray are predominant here. There is a lot of expensive leather furniture. By style and quality of interior design, we can determine that the house owner is a successful, wealthy, and confident man.

Linda Ikeji house

Linda Ikeji mansion
She is a blogger who considers herself self-made. Linda is a vivid example that a person can achieve much with hard work and perseverance. Not so long ago, Linda acquired a chic house on Banana Island with a value of 500 – 600 million Naira. The beautiful white mansion combines classic and hi-tech designs. The three-story mansion with large panoramic windows is amazing.

The house is big. The rooms are large and bright. The windows overlook a courtyard. In addition to the six bedrooms, there is a massive bathroom. The predominant colors of décor are white and ivory. On the top floor, there is a beautiful terrace with a magnificent view. The kitchen is painted with brown and black colors.

On the video and photos on the net, you can see not only the charm of the house but also the impeccability of Linda’s taste when choosing furniture and other interior items. The house decoration is made in pastel colors but with bright colour accents, for example, blue, red or fuchsia. There are paintings, cushions and even some pieces of unique furniture. In addition to the classics, there are some ethnic elements in the decor. Linda Ikeji has furnished her mansion using expensive furniture.
At the house, there is a small courtyard and of course a swimming pool which certainly speaks of her luxurious life.

Genevieve Nnaji mansion

Genevieve Nnaji real estate
She is a very popular and successful Nigerian actress. Genevieve earns big money in Nollywood. They say that the actress owns three large mansions. Two of them are in Nigeria: in Ikoyi and Lekki (for herparents). Besides, the film star bought a house in the amount of 4 million dollars in Accra, Ghana.

Her houses are huge and beautiful. They are designed in the classical style. These kinds of real estates require significant expenses for their maintenance. It’s rumored that the house in Accra was presented to the actress by a Ghanaian billionaire. Other gossip report say that the above house is only rented by Genevieve. Whatever the truth is, the mansion’s security is taken very seriously.

P-square house

P-square’s “palace”
Of course, if we talk about the houses of Nigerian celebrities, we cannot leave two super-successful brothers Peter and Paul Okoye out. We have to say a few words about their new chic mansion. The twins bought a very expensive mansion on Banana Island in Lagos. It’s gorgeous and in no way inferior to the houses of the highest paid stars in the world. It’s a real “palace”.

The house is very spacious and bright. It has everything you need for a comfortable life. The vast area of the first floor combines a hall, a living room, and a dining room. There are several areas for recreation and guest’s reception. There are high ceilings and beautiful windows as well as many sources of artificial lighting. The house also boasts of expensive furniture and beautiful decor elements.

In the interior, ivory, white, brown and black colours are used. A calm colour palette is diluted with bright spots in the decor. The kitchen is made in high-tech style. The main white color is complemented by red elements: chairs, panels on the wall, and lamps.

There is even a cinema in the house and a swimming pool in the yard. In addition to the above mansion, the guys also have real estate in the US.
We have now shown you the houses and mansions belonging to some of the famous Nigerian celebrities. Truthfully, they are beautiful. As you can see, anything is possible in life if you have a talent, diligence and a little luck.