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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Music Interview About Amos Ikechukwu Ali (Da Biggie)

Question 1: What's your full name?

Answer: Am Amos ikechukwu ali

Question 2: What is your Nickname?

Answer: Da Biggie

Question 3: Which State are you from?

Answer: Enugu State

Question 4: When did you started Music and what made you go into music

Answer: I started singing during the early 2012 after finishing secondary school my classmate and friends inspires me a lot I discover they love what am doing which made me to push more harder in order not to disappoint them,they love seeing me brag and I include it in my career not because I enjoy it but to give them what they want

Question 5: What challenges have you faced and how did you go about them?

Answer: Emmm the major challenges I face and am still facing it are my parent and relatives they don't want me to be a musician they see musicians useless people and will do anything possible to stop me in doing music,I was on my own with no one to support me financially I gat to Suffer my ass out to make my dream a reality

Question 6: What was your greatest challenge? Do you still currently face one?

Answer: My greatest challenges is lack of finance and am still facing it looking up to God for a helper, with him alone I will reach my destiny and without him am nobody

Question 7: Do you have any Message to Musicians out there?

Answer: My message to upcomers out there is"don't give up" no matter the challenges you may face or currently facing as long as you know what you are made of never allow those challenges to bring you down keep ya head up and remain focus one day you gat to tell your own story ask psquare and other celebrity how they started and they will tell you.

Saturday, 17 December 2016

Interview Of Agboro Okeoghene Moses Founder And CEO of Gisttrends

Question 1: What's your full name?

*Agboro Okeoghene Moses*

Question 2: When did you started blogging and what made you go into blogging?

I started Blogging sometimes in 2012, I have passion for blogging and love share my idea fellow young people out there and the best way to express those ideas is through blogging

Question 3: What challenges have you faced and how did you go about them? What was your greatest challenge? Do you still currently face one?

Yes i was in 100 level when i started blogging and i was really novice then so blogging was kind of challenging i really dont know much about blogging then. My friends who are already in blogging for a while put me through, i ask and they told me what to do but now i can say i know blogging and am fully into it.
Although i was scammmed by number people who claimed they are pro in the game but today i can not be scammed again.
Well i can not catogorically say that i have challenges any more but nontheless i still need to work on my seo

Question 4: Do you have any Message to bloggers out there?


Yes my fellow bloggers out there dont give up more greese on your elbow and to the upcoming bloggers out there please stop put money making first but passion for blogging. Its not doubt many new bloggers are coming into with the sole aim of making money outta it even though they dont know any about blogging or passion for blogging.


Interview Of Adeyemo Sodiq Abiodun Founder And CEO of Strongloaded

Question 1: What's your full name?

Answer: Adeyemo sodiq abiodun.

Question 2: When did you started blogging and what made you go into blogging?

Answer: I started blogging 2012,what make me go into blogging was Through the admire of all the techniques

Question 3: What challenges have you faced and how did you go about them? What was your greatest challenge? Do you still currently face one?

Answer: Many great opportunity from my big ones and those cares also i only increase my seo with the small knowledge i have

Question 4: Do you have any Message to bloggers out there?

Answer: Blogger should not be stingy to other one,And also have a well creative tutor to increase their knowledge


Friday, 11 November 2016


With no sight of any doubts, the Nigerian famous and passionate human being named OWOLEWA JEFF also known as **TONY MONTANA* is a blessed man in the making from heaven with his active passion and his hardworking manner towards his entertainment carer. A long while ago, he was tagged the only stunt actor in the yoruba movie Industry due to actions he always put in for everyUnunn movie he was been featured .
Click here to Watch the Video

JEFF OWOLEWA was born in Lagos state and he was undoubtedly a native of KWARA STATE. The super talented manner attended Lagos State Polytechnic (LASPOTECH) Lagos-State and came out with a top class result in Business administration . He then felt back to his entertainment career squarely after schooling and has been rising up so well and doing great and still doing it extremely .
JEFF OWOLEWA better known as Tony Montana was known not for acting alone, he's one of the most talented indigenous rap artist and a choreographer on which made him what he is today and he has achieved a little so far.
He was nominated at the
INDIGENOUS MOVIE PRODUCER ASSOCIATION AWARDS (IMPA 2013 ) on which he stepped on the likes of his other oppositions and he was given a standing ovation for his outstanding performance in the year 2013 and he was presented the award.

Not only that, the continuation on his "been very active" in the industry made him proceeds more in his career and he was over-watched by
One of the Most prestigious movie awards in Africa (ACHIEVERS AWARDS) and he was been awarded as the ARTIST OF THE YEAR 2016. It was then noted that his success and outstanding performances over the years was been ploughed from his mentors which are :
And lot more like that.
The multi talented personnel has worked a lot with the top-stars in the movie industry, the likes of TAIWO HAZZAN(OGOGO), ODUNLADE ADEKOLA, etc And he's one of the producers of
Igbadun Lawa** program originated by the Famous African Television Network *(AFRICAN MAGIC YORUBA)* and at the same time. Not alone, he had a partnership business with the station crew and he took a very perfect role in the soap movie called HOUSE OF VENAL produced and directed by AJADI-IKO (a presenter at Agogo-Ayo). Just to mention a few.
Mr. JEFF OWOLEWA at mid this year was been attacked online by some false posts online trying to build up a controversy over him. Report stated through an interview with him that he has nothing bad with any of his fans, so where does the post came from??. Perhaps they're trying to create attention.
JEFF has worked so hard and keeps the fire burning day to day, he's setting up for so many perfect productions on which you and I can't afford to miss on the TV set.

Friday, 9 September 2016 The Yoruba Blog Carrying The Nigerian Message

The advent of western values has informed our writing
style, our medium of communication and its evolution
overtime. English Language has become the popular
medium for many with less recognition for indigenous
language in Nigeria. However for Olayemi Olatilewa, a
Nigerian, who blogs in yoruba language, the dialect has
far more to offer. In this interview, he shares his
inspiration, and exciting passion in curating news in a
local dialect, on our Blogger Series.

1. Who is behind
My name is Olayemi Olatilewa. Some people call me
Olayemi Oniroyin, or Olayemi Dakewi. I graduated from
Tai Solarin University of Education, Ogun state, where I
studied Yoruba Language and Literature. I am a yoruba
poet, I also write news. When I chant poems, people call
me Olayemi Dakewi, and when I am into the media,
people call me Olayemi Oniroyin. I am also a Broadcast
Journalist, and also a content writer for a Yoruba
2. At what particular moment did you conceive the idea
or what event brought the idea? I have been writing for
long. It has been part of my abilities and talent since
birth. I started writing in English before I moved to
blogging in yoruba.
3. Why blog in Yoruba? What's the motive behind the
blogging? Before Blogging, I have seen different kind of
people going online, and do all sort of things here in
Nigeria. I noticed the flaw of copying and pasting news
contents, so I said within myself to stand out, and not
tagged among the 'regular' ones. Secondly, I love
creativity. I love to do my things in a very special way. I
believe that this is me, and this is where I would be
different and stand out. I decided to blog in yoruba to do
something new, that has not been done in the industry. I
found this out to be true before I started – that no one
has ever blogged in yoruba.
4. What impacts do you think your blogging style will
have or has had? I have made a lot of impacts. I have
been able to connect a lot of people in diaspora to their
roots here in Africa, especially in Nigeria. People call me
everyday from UK, US, Sudan, Honduras, etc. This gives
me joy that so many people read my blog even though
they are far away from home.
5. How far do you think your blogging style will go? How
sustainable will it be in the next few years considering
the Language style? The reason why I blog is because
that is part of me while other things are secondary. The
trend of things now dictate that yoruba language has a
great future in comparison to any other languages in
Nigeria. We have numerous publications in yoruba, and
even extended to movies in yoruba, igbo, and hausa. I
do say to myself that if these people are still in
business, and making it, then I will also make it and be
relevant. I do say that if Alaroye (a yoruba newspaper
that has been around for a very long time) is still in
business, then I will also be relevant. There is really a
lot to hope for.
6. What's your performance in yoruba language in
Primary and Secondary schools? Was your performance
a major influence to own an indigenous blog? (Laughs) I
studied Yoruba Language and Literature. But right from
my primary and secondary school, I have had interest in
yoruba language and did excellently. The people that I
have moved with are also a major influence. Dele
Momodu is a great inspiration for me. Dele Momodu
studied Yoruba Language at the Obafemi Awolowo
University, and so inspired by his success and the way
he makes use of words. According to him: 'As a yoruba
person, you conceive your thoughts in yourba and later
translate it into English. If you are so good in yoruba,
you'd be so good in expressing yourself because yoruba
language is so rich. And if you are able to put your
thoughts together in yoruba, expressing yourself in an
articulative manner acceptable by all would be very easy.
So simply, Yoruba has been a basic part of my life.
7. What's your view about the dwindling usage and
teaching of yoruba language in schools? Do you have a
solution for this? If we are not proud of our language, it
will fade off. What we do is to promote the language,
and tell the public of its importance. When we make use
of it in writing, people will see the reality of what we are
talking about and embrace it. And it is ongoing. If we
don't promote it, people won't take it serious. We need
to tell our teachers, and parents that yoruba should not
be considered as vernacular but equally important as
other languages. A look at China – with the
technological innovations inform us of the dynamism in
indigenous language.
8. Are people allowed to make comments in languages
other than yoruba on the blog? If such arises, how do
you manage it? Why not? People drop comments on my
blog both in yoruba language and English. The simple
act of leaving comments reflect that you read and
understood the content. We cannot rub off the fact that
there are some people who cannot write in yoruba.
Irrespective of the language used, I appreciate leaving
comments, and I give responses to them. Some people
cannot write in yoruba but they love it, read it, and
9. Do you blog all alone? Or with staff? I blog all alone
for now. As it is with English, we have grammatical rules
in Yoruba. People think yoruba language is easy, but it
is not. Not everyone can write in yoruba.
10. Yoruba is diverse; we have Oyo, Ijebu, Ijesa, Ilaje etc
with different tongues, if you were to choose one as
Oduduwa lingua franca, which one will you settle for? To
go by the way we were taught in school, the general
yoruba language acceptable in classroom is the
combination of all yoruba dialects, but the combination
is closer to the one spoken in Oyo. So we want to
believe that 'Oyo' yoruba is the general language. But,
this does not mean Oyo language is the ultimate
best,but Oyo language is the one academics believe is
closer to the general formed language in yoruba land.
11. What has surprised you most since you have started Successes and failures? What has
surprised me most is people calling me from different
countries. It amaze me that they have read different kind
of things on my blog and keep up the excitement to call
me from Paraguay, Sudan, Costa Rica, and so many
countries that I have never been before. This gives me
joy that we have a wide reach, and spur us to do more.
No failures really, but challenges. I have written some
certain things that got me into trouble. The notable one
was of a musician. I didn't balance the story well,
instead I allowed my emotions to come into play but I
am very okay now. I later deleted the post because it
sparked a lot of controversies.
Olayemi Olatilewa blogs at [] , and
you can tweet at him: @olayemioniroyin

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Amazing Biography/History of Ajadi Iko the Actor turn Presenter

Ajadi iko Biography
Ajadi iko who was born as Odewale Temilolu is an actor turn Presenter . He was born on January 26 to a family of seven.
He started his primary education at The Apostolic Central school, Odo Okun, Modakeke before proceeded in his secondary education at Modakeke High school, then later moved to Royal Comprehensive High school, Modakeke to completed his secondary education. He did his tertiary education at The Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro Ogun state where he obtained a national diploma in Computer Science in year 2012.
He debuted into acting after finishing a theatre course at A A Ajibola theatre group in Osogbo, Osun state and featured in many Tv drama series as at that time. Some of the series includes Atori Laye, Inu Jin, Labule Wa, Adunduntan just to mention few, these series were played both on Local and international Tv stations including Africa Magic and Startime.
In late 2012 Ajadi turned from actor to a very big force to reckon with when it comes to Presenting a show. He started working as a Tv presenter on a popular Africa Magic Yoruba breakfast show, Agogo Ayo, and since then he has been known both home and abroad for his unique ways of entertaining.
In 2016 he decided to bring out talents by co-producing an entertaining Tv show titled Igbadun Lawa which turned many artist such as a hip hop guru Dare Sanni aka Dresan, Simple efizzy (Mr Alawi), a veteran nollywood actor Jeff Owolewa aka Tony Montana and a gospel artist star Araleyi to Presenters.
Ajadi iko recently announced his comeback into movie world as he featured in a star studded movie title Aye Alaye produced by Shebaby. Other stars in this movie include Obesere, Atorise, Mr Latin, Oritsefemi, Oga Bello and many more. He is also one of the producers of a popular Tv drama series called House of Cards.
Ajadi iko has helped lots of people discover their potentials and he has won few honorary awards for his generosity. Many upcoming both in

See More photos of Ajadi Iko below