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Sunday, 30 September 2018

5 Nigerian Artistes Who Are Confirmed Weed Smokers

There has been many talks about Nigerian artistes doing songs glorifying drugs and thereby encouraging drug abuse in the society.Well, if the adage “you are what you sing” is anything to go by, then it is safe to conclude that these artistes singing about weed and all kinds of drugs are “Baba Oja” while their fans are “Omo Oloja“.Below Are 5 Nigerian Artistes Confirmed To Be Habitual Smokers:-

1. Wizkid

Starboy Records boss, Wizkid is a certified weed addict as he has been spotted many times smoking hard.A show promoter once said, “Even Terry Gsurrendered when he saw Wizkid smoking”. It’s certain that Fela too will fear Wizkid’s smoking habit in heaven.

2.  Burna Boy

This one no dey even hide am. Burna Boy has been spotted several times smoking in public. For Burna Boy, weed is life and probably his only source of inspiration.In 2013, he released a song titled “Smoke Some Weed” which is a strong proof of his love for weed. Round the clock, every single day, Burnakeeps burning the weed.Wehdone sir, body go tell you soon!

3.  Davido

The question of whether or not Davido is a “Science student” first sprang up when his voice began to sound froggy. At some point the singer started showing off his smoking lifestyle on social media, afterall he is O.B.O.

4.  Reminisce

He is Alaga of many things and weed is one of them. Meanwhile, the “Ponmile” crooner is not fond of showing off his love for weed but he is an OG in the game.

5. Olamide

The YBNL boss is another big fan of Weed. He’s been attacked so many times for some his songs that seemed to be glorifying drugs. Apparently, baddo has been inspired many times by weed.Yea! some element of “weedspiration” can be noticed on songs like “Wo“, “Science Student“, “Update” and lots more. Someone that can prepare an album of over 10 tracks in 48hours, if not “weed” what else do you think gives him that drive?Meanwhile it is advisable that fans of these artistes not to follow their weed smoking lifestyle. Obviously, these artistes are celebrities with so much money to foot medical bills for any ailment that strikes them as a result of drug intake. Be warned!!

Which Nigerian Artiste Is The Overall Boss In Weed Smoking?

Which Other Nigerian Artiste Do You Think Should Be On This List?

Let’s hear from youDrop your comments

Saturday, 29 September 2018

[Music] wapa By Kelly

Olatunji Michael idowu popular known has Kelly start music from child hood drop his first track kolo second track sho mo age mi feat Jayzmike, come with another track title wapa , blow ur mind, contact/WhatsApp me 08104931578

Thursday, 27 September 2018

9mobile free Browsing with Social and Chat Pak on KPNTunnel Revolution VPN

Just as we've promised you guys to make a config file available using 9mobile chatpak with KPNtunnel which we've finally found a way to by pass the capped data.

Thanks that opportunity shows up today for me to be able to annouced one of our beta config file. Beta in which essence? Like I said before this config might be unlimited because we just made the config file with highly tweak settings but we are not yet sure if it is unlimited or not. So this works with 9mobile social pack.

And here is how to subscribe to 9mobile social and likewise i will list the package I subscribe to with their data capped. This include but not limited to; 9mobile Chat and social Pak and Their Data Caps

9mobile Chat , weekly =>N150> 300MB

9mobile chat daily => N50> 30mb

9mobile special Chat pak=>N500 >1.5GB

9mobile special social me pack => N700> 2GB

To subscribe to any of the 9mobile social pack plan, simply dial * 200*3*3#. Now, we will power it using our kpr Config file using KPNTunnel Revolution.


1. 9mobile Sim

2. KPNTunnel Revolution Apk DOWNLOAD HERE

3. Active 9mobile Chat pack or social pack plan Subscription. √ Having done these; download the KPNTunnel Config file through the link below DOWNLOAD HERE

How to Import Kpr Config File On KPNTunnel Revolution

At the home tab of your KPNTunnel, click on the triple dot at the right side above.

Then, you should see options among which is (Config Options), then click on it.

After that, click on import and locate the kpr Config file you downloaded here and select and import it. × You should receive a successful importation of file message.

Having done all this, go to your kpntunnel setting and and ensure that the (SSH TUNNE L) is ticked as illustrated below.

[Cheat] Get free 500MB on mtn free of charge to browse

Are you using mtn?

Dial the below code to get 500mb free of charge which will last for 1week.

How to Get the 500mb Data

Simply dial *449*2#* on your mtn line, and you will be given free 500MB data which will last for a month.

Kindly drop your comment if you get yours, cos its really working.

[Music] Bobo Empathy Ft. Popkid & Lenoboss - Umu Iyoo

Ndubuisi matthewb(born on April 24),Anambra based artist who better know as Empathy is Nigerian based Afrobeat rapper

For the reason that as the lead artist signed ,we are pleased to bring this more single most Anticipating triple,Tittle UMU IYOO(GBU GBU NKE OGENE) produce by Echecbeatz and mix and mastered by Barmy...  like the song tittle goes as umu ogbe it means bad boys happy

In 2018 even more he work with several artist in Anambra and many other parts of the  country

download And Have A Feel :-


How to Activate and Use New Thesaurus in iOS 12 on iPhone & iPad

Apple has released the new iOS 12 update and it comes with a tonne of amazing features which will make your iPhone and iPad experience more amazing. One of these features is the new Thesaurus addition to the Look Up section.

This feature may not be life changing but it can come in really handy when you need it.

How to Enable and Use the New Thesaurus on iPhone and iPad in iOS 12

In the new iOS 12, you can now add Oxford American Writer’s Thesaurus to the Dictionary section in Look Up. To do this, follow the steps below.

1. First off, launch the Settings app on your iPhone.
2. Next up, tap on General and then search for the Dictionary section. A list will appear.
3. Next, tap on American English – Oxford American Writer’s Thesaurus option.

It will take a while to download the thesaurus in the background. Once the download is complete, you can proceed to use it.

How to Use Thesaurus on iOS 12

With the Thesaurus, you can easily look up synonyms of any word. To do this, simply tap and hold on the word till the popup appears.

1. Tap on the Look Up option.
2. Now, you should see the Look Up screen as a popup.
3. If the Thesaurus has any relevant information of the word, it will be displayed in the Thesaurus section.
Wrapping Up

So what are your thoughts on this new feature? Do you find it helpful? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

MTN Unveils New Data Plans: Get 1GB For N200 & 5GB For N1000

Just as the header reads, you get “MTN 1GB for N200, 2.5GB for N500, 5GB for N1000 and 10GB for N1500 – DAY PLAN!” Since I became one of the Fan of MTN, I have never seen this bundle plan. All we know about was the MTN Night Plan! That is long gone.

MTN has released about 4 different data packages referred to as MTN Surprise, they are not yet tired in surprising their customers.

I’m pretty sure that most of you guys are flexing with the new MTN 500MB for just N25 launched days back, they are here again with another fabulous night data package which serves as a better alternative to the new MTN 500MB for just N25 midnight plan.

Whatever you use the data bundle for, live streaming of videos or audio, heavy download, normal download etc. MTN got you covered with suitable data packages. No more paying N2,500 for 4.5GB and above for day plans.

Here is a list of all new MTN data plan

1. 1gb for 200 Naira (9pm to 6am)
2. 2.5Gb for 500 Naira (9pm to 6am)
3. 5Gb for 1000 Naira (9pm to 6am).

How to subscribed

To subscribe for the 1GB for 200 Naira Night plan, simply dial *131*65# and follow the instructions. However, to ensure that your subscription is successful, please make sure you have minimum, ₦200 airtime on your simcard.

Validity Period

The data package has a Validity period of 30 Days, which is the same for all bundles in this package. This means that you must exhaust the 1GB given to you within the 30 days, If you were unable to finish this data within 30 days, it expires. However, if you exhaust the 1GB before the 30 days, you can still subscribe again.

Time Frame

The 1GB for 200 Naira is a Night plan that works for 30 days per subscription. However, since it is a night plan, it only works from 9pm to 6am every day. This means that you can ONLY browse from 9PM every night, to 6AM every morning. If you try browsing any other time, it simply won’t work.

Kindly drop your comment on this post, to enable us post more blazing Cheat. Dont forget to share to your friends.


A Nigerian guy has shared screenshot of a conversation he had with a Nigerian Lady he met on the street.. Apparently, after a few days of chatting, they had seks.

Read His Narration below, including a screenshot:

Why Are Ladies Like This? Is Sex A Gift To Men?

_I met this lady on saturday walking down with her sis. I holla at her then we exchanged numbers. We chatted briefly on saturday night after she saw a watsapp status of me stunting with my guy and revving the streets in my ride while doing a video. She hailed me for being a flexer.

Fast forward to Sunday Afternoon we chatted and she said she was a bit bored so I invited her over. I picked her up half way at Opebi and we drove to my crib after a brief stop over at Chicken republic for takeaway entertainment.

We got to the crib and after eating and while watching DSTV i made a move and she said it was early but was moaning and we bleeped two rounds, then I dropped her off at Ikeja with some little transport money 2k. I never asked her out or told her i needed a GF.

Why do Naija girls feel after sex you owe dem something? So stupidly entitled. Didnt we both enjoy it? Lmao. Now because i did not call yesterday and text shes getting pissed off._

See Chat:-

Nigerian P*rn Star, Annie Blonde Explains Why She Joined P*rn (full story)

Nigerian P*rn Star, Annie Blonde, has narrated her reasons for joining Kingtblakhoc in the p*rn business, before she decided to go solo.

Annie revealed she was raped after she was sent out in the night by her aunt a because she forgot a meat worth a thousand naira.

Annie Blonde added that she left University of Ibadan in her 200level, and also looked for job everywhere with nobody to help.

Read her post on her journey to the porn industry below;

Am not Wrighting this to get pity or love frm anyone ,Let me start frm this I grew up with my uncle and aunty I went to primary sch secondary sch and then to the university I left ui when I was in 200l going to 300l I really never wanted to leave but I had to leave when I was raped (I went home for holidays like any normal child would go home I was raped which was caused by aunty cause I was sent out in the middle of the night because of meat because I forgot 1000naira meat )
The day I was raped I never told anyone at home cause even if I did everyone will think I was a lair I will never forget the spot I was raped I was in the hospital for a week cried for pain needed help I left home left sch behind. I looked for job everywhere no one was ready to help until I get laid with which I really needed the money to go to sch since my admission was not expired yet I didn’t have anywhere to go because I left home I was called a bastard many times my uncle always said I should go and die like my mother did.

To be sincere have never seen my father or mother b4 I don’t knw who my sisters and brothers are even if I see them I will never knw they are the ones .

The rest part is for another day .never judge anyone don’t be too quick to condemn cause no one knws we’re we will all end up on the lastday.


A Source just sent in one of the most shocking video i have ever watched in my life according to the source the video allegedly shows a 15year old secondary school girl named chioma from owerri been Gang Banged by 8 abled bodied men.

15 year Old Owerri Secondary School Girl Named Chioma Laughs And Moans In Excitement As 8 Men Take Turns To Sleep With Her As Initiation Process Into Their Cult Group In Imo State Nigeria.

According to the source who sent in the video the incident happed in Imo State Owerri the 15year old girl willingly subjected herself to this act as an intiation process into a cult Group, The most shocking thing in this video is that non of these guys even wore a condom.

These 8 Guys Must All Be Arrested, Please Share Till It Gets To The IG Of Police And Imo State Governor;

The 2mins 31 seconds Video Starts off and the action had already began

Man 1: This Girl They very sweet ooo
Girl: Moaning

Man 2: I never release oh

Man 1: You for release na

Girl : Moaning

Man 1: Commot your boxers na
Thrusting in and out sound

Man 3: who is seriously banging the girl in a doggy position finishes up and nuts on the bed,

Man 4: Then takes over, and turns her body position into missionary

Man 1: She Has The Power

Girl: Please stop am tired

Man 1: Chioma will you sk my dk? should i come?

Girl: Moaning, Please stop am tired

Man 1: You are not tired

Lil Yatchys Peekaboo song at the background then fades off.



Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Music: Pflex_Oyne Wad Up

Powerful new hit by mr P FLEX.. OYNE WAD UP... kiler Hit track.
Fresh out



Blowing minds, Sarzkid is here again with another trending Jam tittled LOVE ME. After the successful release of his Former Track
HIGHGRADE . He is the same guy behind smiles in many ladies mouth, listen to this, i bet you will mark this as favourite and put on replay..


AUDIO+VIDEO: Yemi Alade – Oh My Gosh

African superstar diva Yemi Alade is taking no chances this year as she unveils yet another music video, this time for the smash shit single “ Oh My Gosh “.

The video for the DJ Coublon produced single was shot and directed by Ovie.

The Effyzie Music star has had a sensational year, headlining tours around the world and still finding time to release smash hits for her ever teeming fans.


Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Simple Way To Root Infinix Zero 3 [X552]

This article explained the detailed info on how to root infinix zero 3 x552 with pc.
Infinix zero 3 which came with an amazing rear camera of 20.7MP and the multi tasking i’m sure you will like to explore more on the phone capacity by rooting it
Fortunately I have gathered the
necessary specifications of zero 3 tagged as HER3LOGY also known as X552 which was announced on 15th of December after 3 weeks of releasing the infinix big 6 (Note 2).

Here Are The Whooping Steps To Root Infinix Zero 3 With A Pc

¶Infinix Zero 3 TWRP
¶ A Pc
¶Sp Flash Tool
¶A Usb Cord
Download Sp Flash Tool
You need to firstly download Super Su. And save it in the root of your SD card or any folder you could locate easily

Secondly Download Ported TWRP for Infinix Zero 3 x552 Its in zip format unzip the TWRP using WinRAR then flash the recovery image .img to your phone using Sp Flash Tool , i have already provided the link to download it.
If you need the procedure to flash a recovery image to your phone using sp flash tool read it here

Thirdly You need to boot your phone into Twrp recovery mode this is done by holding up the Power Button + Volume Up for some seconds
Fourthly while in TWRP recovery mode use the volume down button to scroll down and volume up to select a program just locate where you save the and select then scroll down and select yes
Now the flashing process will begin. After a successful completion just reboot your phone.
Now your infinix zero 3 is completely rooted to be sure its rooted downlod root checker and check if its rooted.
Drop any qualms in the comment box

How To Unroot Your Android Smartphone For OS Updates

Rooting should be one of the top things on your mind when you just purchase an Android phone as  can give you full control over your phone and it’s now easier than before.But sometimes things might comes up ,maybe your smartphone is processing is slow due to some uncleared bugs or your smartphone requires update which you need to unroot it temporarily as your get can get bricked if you update it while rooting is still on.You might be wondering how to unroot an already rooted Android smartphone but do you know you can do that in a single click.You might also wish not to unroot your phone completely as you need to protect the root and unroot it temporarily for OS updates,  all this are done on a single click.Follow the below steps to gain full unroot of your Android smartphone or unroot temporarily for OS updates without a PC1. Download Super Su from google plastore and install2. Launch the application and click settings then click Full Unroot

Reboot your phone and find your Android phone completely unrootedUnrooting Your Android Temporarily For OS UpdatesIf your smartphone requires a must update and you need to backup your root follow the below procedureDownload Voodoo root keeper and installLaunch the app and select Protect RootThen select Temp Unroot(keeps backup)Now update your andoid update safelyWhen completed open the voodoo root keeper and restore your super user safely.Drop any qualms in comment box and make sure you share

How To Detect Invisible Users On Yahoo Messenger

How would you feel if a friend is hiding up his visibility for you that he is offline and whereas he is online
Yahoo messenger has that bad ass option that do invigorate me truly ,the invisible feature  enables you to hide your true identity online so if You activated the option your friends will see offline on your timeline not knowing that you are online only the friends you are chatting with can know you are.
Well I have discovered two powerful tools to bypass this option with these tools you will be able to see folks pretending not to be online and the sweetest thing ever is these tool is it works in just a single click, the only thing you have to work for is copying your friend username whom you wanna catch then input it to these tools box and click check.
Anyways let’s dive the hook into these magnificent tools
Detect Invisible

With this tool, to become invisible will be hard why, just because this tool work fastly and catches the invisible feature red handed, you can easily bypass that feature with this by copying your friend email address then input to the box and search if that buddy is hiding himself it will show up he is online
Y Detector 
Y detector also work pretty well like detectinvisible though I can’t really tell which is best since y detector had come up early this tool can also be used by inputting your friend or boo email address without the ( then hit the magnifier button.
If the results shows up invisible that means your buddy is hiding himself/herself.
If you have any qualms drop it in the Comment box I’ll reply Asap and if you got other working for you kindly share it

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

TextView Solution: How You Can Copy Texts From Facebook App

Inability to select or copy text from any android apps i.e youtube,instagram, facebook looks kind of funny to me, even you won’t be able to highlight them talkless of copying.
This kind of uncopyable text is called textview that means they can’t be edited or copied since native support a’int supported.
I have found out an app that works best for this you only need to activate and enable it and the work is done
Universal Copy

Universal Copy Mode This is the effective medicine to textview, you only need to install it and activate, you also need to give
accessibility permission to let it
inspect the content that is in the current window.
Quickly try out this trick with your google playstore, after you are on the window you wanna copy text from you need to activate copy mode on that specific window. You will get a notification from Universal Copy telling you to activate the copy mode.
Universal Copy Activation

Recover Lost Or Deleted Text Message On Your Android

If you mistakenly got an important message deleted you will feel like what the fuck’ but you don’t need those shits instead you should act fastly to recover it.Lost messages can be easily be recoverable, but it won’t be recovered until when the memory portion in which it was saved is over written by an app update, Take a sip of water and grab your phone and pc then follow learn how to recover lost messages.1. Goto your phone settings and Enable Developer option.2. Goto developer options then then USB DEBUGGING, and tick the box in front of it or swipe the button right depending on your android version

USB Debugging Activation3. Download and install free Wondershare trial and connect your phone to your pc with USB debugging enabled.4. Launch the wondershare app and follow the prompt to scan and analyze your android device memory.5. When its done, you can then preview all your deleted and undeleted data on your android phone, Open the message folder, preview and select any message you wish to recover then click Recover at the down side to restore them to your device or rather save them to your pc.

Recycle Bin for Android Smartphones: Recover Deleted Files

In windows world was a recycle bin that keep your files after which you have mistakenly delete some important files but what if it was your android phone will you just accept the gone file and start over again. Let assume you were given a work to solve for months and you have reached the concluding part of the work but one day you were sending files or copying to another root folder and it was deleted.

To keep our file save and to solve this I’ve prepared 4 awesome files to retrieve your images, file, videos, music and application after which it has been deleted mistakenly on your android device can we check this out, follow the steps carefully and select the best for your android smart phone.
Note that this app works for both rooted and unrooted phones you don’t have root your android phone using the apps.

1. Dumpster
This I will present as the first recovery / recycle bin for your android smart phone, It makes you recover your deleted files easily and you don’t have to run this before deleting any files, It works in background and you can recover files such as images, videos, audio, pdf, zip, mp3, mp4, ppt, doc, avi, mpg, jpg, rar and others well known file types, the awesome thing images, videos, audio, pdf, zip, mp3, mp4, ppt, doc, avi, mpg, jpg, rar is the new version makes you recover apps you uninstalled if needed back.
In dumpster menu when attempting to recover a file, you can easily preview the app you wished to recover in case you are not of the exact file you are aiming to restore. You can also auto clean saved files in your dumpster menu this can be set to 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month and even 3 months.

2. ES File Explorer
Apart from ES File Explorer working as a file manager it can also be use as a recycling bin for your android device, I sincerely love this app functions but every thin g became awful when it comes to the ads displaying if you also hate this part you can easily up grade to pro for 2.99 US Dollars.

To recover app with this file you have to activate the recycle bin option then you have to use the ES File explorer to delete any file if this is done your app will be stored to the file explorer recycle bin which will be cleared automatically after few days.
Note that this works for all file types as long as the file is deleted with ES File explorer, If not don’t expected your file to be stored.

3. Google Photos
I’m making this the last and the hottest, if you mistakenly delete your photos and videos you purchased, this app is the best option for you. The application user interface is very simple and you done need to register before using the app, the action of recovering file can be done in a single click. The Google Photos app offers unlimited online backup storage and you can trust your files with google the servers are strong and it will never get deleted until 60 Days where your file gets deleted permanently.

Note that your files will be moved to trash and photos on your android device will be deleted permanently, you can only restore it back to your android device in the google photos app before 60 days.

That’s the accurate apps I’m using to restore back my deleted apps, do we see a case you have other app that works for you kindly share in the comment box thanks.

HTTP injector Configure File: How To Create Custom .ehi File

Do you have a custom config file you wanna create for your http injector that’s easy this tutorial will help you up and have your own customized . ehi configure file for HTTP injector

Before starting i hope you have a valid host address and a proxy and port if so let’s start the process

If you already have a file inside your http injector you need to clear it simply click on option then clear data

After clearing your data click the left bar and tap Payload Generator ,

In the next screen you will be required to input your host adress let’s use Etisalat host address which is, Request Method: Select Get then in the next option select/tick X Online Host then click generate payload

In the next show box you will be required to fill in your proxy an port and you will be given the format you gonna use if your proxy is and port is 3128 just input and click START

Note: The proxy above is just an example you can also put yours

On the next screen input your server ip, then your port, now input your fastssh username and finally your password save it and start your connection

You might need to share that config to friends and have your name customized on it file just click on option the export data and type in the file name plus the description which would show up on your file home page you also have the option to lock it if you don’t want others to edit it set the option with the below screen shot.

That is it for HTTP injector Configure File: How To Create Custom .ehi File . Have any questions don’t hesitate to ask in the comment box. thanks.

Saturday, 15 September 2018

Watch The Full Nude Photos Posted By Female Facebook User

A Nigerian lady who appears to be the “most hated” on Facebook, has revealed that she doesn’t care how the public sees her following her raunchy and sexy displays on the social media platform.

The lady who hails from Delta state but resides in Lagos, decided to troll her online ‘haters’ once again by sharing more daring pictures of herself in her underwear.

This earned the lady a barrage of insults and criticism from online users as they blasted her and labelled her a ‘cheap girl’.
The lady who’s apparently not moved by the insults later hit back at her critics by saying most of her ‘haters’ are the ones sliding into her inbox to ask for her number.

See how online users reacted to her pictures:-

Friday, 14 September 2018

Lady caught after dumping her baby in a bush[Checkout]

A young lady was caught while trying to escape after abandoning her child in a bush in Ofada, Ogun State.

In a video published online, the lady who revealed she is from Ijero, Ekiti, recently gave birth to twin girls and tried to dump one in the bush.

The lady can be heard in the video saying she arrived Ofada in search of her babies’ father after one of them fell sick.

According to the said lady, she met the children’s father, Lukmon, in Ekiti, but hasn’t been in contact with him since she gave birth, as he ran away and changed his phone number.

She further narrated that she was tired of all the sufferings around her and decided to dump the sick twin since she couldn’t find the father in Ofada where he claimed to have worked.

[ Mixtape ] Waplodge Real Deal Mix Vol1 – Dj Menthol

Waplodge Real Deal Mix Vol1 By Nigeria Award winning Disc Joker Dj Menthol 007

Track List
1. Sparklight – Bless Up
2. Olamide – Motigbana
3. Tiwa Savage x Dunca Mighty – Lova
4. Harrysong – Tekero
5. Singah – Teyamo
6. Cyprex x Erigga – Base On Logitics
7. Victor AD – Wetin We Gain
8. Sainttom Highgrade – My Day Ray
9. Skepta x Wizkid – Bad Energy
10. Maleek Berry – Love U Long Time
11. Cuppy x LAX – Currency
12. Dj Nani x Duncan Mighty – Show Me Love
13. Tripple M – Format
14. Adekunle Gold x Flavour – Yoyo
15. Duncan Mighty x Wizkid – Fake Love
16. Yemi Alade – How I Feel
17. Davido – Nwa Baby
18. 2Baba x Peruzzi – Amaka
19. Wizkid x Starboy – Soco
20. Terri – Bia
21. DMW x Davido x Duncan Mighty – Aza
22. Dj Spinal x Kiss Daniel – Baba
23. Mystro x Tiwa Savage – Gawu
24. Wizkid – Manya (Remix)
25. DMW x Davido – Mind
26. Airboy x Zoro – Eze Ego
27. Teni – Askamaya
28. Mr Eazi x Slimcase x Mr Real – Oveload
29. Slimcase – Kalamo
30. Lil Kesh – Again O
31. Dj Eniminey x Slimcase – Diet
32. T-Brandz – Feel The Way
33. Oritse Femi x Junior Boy – Life
34. Dj Neptune x Kiss Daniel – Wait
35. Mr Ifex – Destiny
36. Dj BigN x Don Jazzy – My Dear
37. Helen Meju – Papa
38. Wande Coal – Turkey Nla
39. Fanzy Papaya x Yemi Alade – Love Me
40. Fanzy Papaya x Flavour – Paulina
41. Small Doctor – Japa
42. DBanj x Slimcase x Mr Real – Issa Banger
43. Reekado Banks – Jeje
44. Slim Brown – Aku
45. Dj Menthol – Outro Jingle


Thursday, 13 September 2018

Top 3 Methods To Activate MTN Double Data

MTN double data offer can be activated more than one time in the given validity period. We preserve searching out more approaches to make the offer gets anybody eligible and we've got 3 solid methods.

MTN Double Data offer give you x2 of the amount of data you purchase Officially From the Mtn network.

Therefore, you shouldn’t need to bother about low of data, since for example, N500 of 750MB data package can be doubled to give you 1.5GB Data. Isn’t that cool?
MTN double data works on all devices that uses internet such as Android, Apple, tablet, PC, PSP consoles etc. Just like normal data and it does not zap.

Now, let's go straight into the main content and know how to activate the MTN double data offer in 3 classic and solid methods…

1st Method : Via SMS / Message

This method of activating MTN double data is actually in a lucky way. Because the SMS may be received when you newly buy a brand new Phone or a new MTN SIM card with a phone bonus ad attached to the park.

So, get a brand new MTN SIM card and wait for an SMS from the network to get you instantly eligible.

2nd Method :By Sending SMS Promo Code

This method somehow relies upon on eligibility however there’s no way you’d try it on two MTN SIMs that one can't surely work out. It requires you sending some promo SMS to get eligible

To activate, send DOUBLE and PROMO to 131 as SMS message. A pop on message will appear on your screen then reply it with 1(one) and then send free to 131. You will receive a message, saying:

Then, buy a data plan from MTN by dialling *131*1# and the data plan will be doubled.

3rd Method By Tweaking Ime Numbers

This method works for everyone, including new and existing MTN SIMs.

Kindly take note that phones running on Android 6 Marshmallow and higher OS cannot tweak their IMEI, so I recommend the earlier methods.

But phones running on Android 5 Lollipop and below can tweak their IMEI to get eligible for the MTN double data offer.

To activate, Tweak this IMEI number using MTK engineer >
86075203138 and add any 4 digits to make it complete 15 digits by using IMEI analyzer app .

Once done, you’ll receive an eligible message in few minutes time, saying:

“Congratulations, your smartphone has been activated to enjoy 100% Double Data Bonus on any data you purchase for the next 6 months. “

And you can now proceed to dial *131*1# to purchase one of the official data plans from MTN and enjoy your data as it will be doubled instantly.

Note: MTN double data valid depending on the data plan validity period, while the double offer might valid for 3 months or 6months. You can always check your data bundle balance by dialling *131*4# and enjoy!

Latest MTN Freebrowsing Cheat 2018

Freebrowsing is what Many people who are using data always need must especially those with Android Phones.

But sometimes you may find it difficult to browse free. If you are searching on How To Browse free with your mtn then your search ends here because, I'm gonna show you how to browse freely with 0.0kb on your mtn

Requirement :

1. Android Phone
2. Mtn Sim with 0.0kb
3 Good 3g Network
4 Http Injector

How To Browse Free On MTN

After having the above listed requirement. All you need to do is to install Http injector in your Android phone and then import this config file to your Http injector

How To Import The Config file

It's very easy to import just follow up this process

First download the config file by clicking here

Now open your http injector app and click on the 3 dash at the top right hand side

After you clicked that then it will up a pop on menu. Click config

Now select your storage were you download the config file

Then locate the file in your download manager

Then click it. You will see a notification saying you have successfully import the config file

Now all you have to do is to click on start and wait for the http injector to connect and start browsing freely without the stress of buying data

Don't forget to share this with your friends and also if you may have any difficulty about this importing drop your comment

See Reasons Why You Must Start Eating Cockroaches

You might be thinking eating cockroach is disgusting, because in Western society we do not value insects as a food source. We largely consider them dirty creatures that need to be eradicated, not eaten.

But do you know that people eat cockroaches in many countries and cultures around the world, commonly in Asia?

Yes, cockroaches are edible and healthy to eat, provided they are prepared properly. They must be washed and thoroughly cooked prior to eating, to kill any bacteria on the cockroach.

Don’t eat a raw cockroach, though. Just as you wouldn’t eat raw chicken or beef. The germs need to be burnt off in the cooking process. Usually, this is accomplished by frying the roaches in vegetable oil, which also gives them a crunchy and crispy texture.

For example, here in Thailand, they serve fried insects in many local dishes. They are also quite popular as a street food.

Frequently, food carts can be spotted with the various types of insects on display.
Western tourists often gawk at this, and stop to take pictures — after overcoming their initial shock. Their apparent disgust sometimes offends or insults the locals, with whom fried roaches and crickets are quite popular.

I have to admit, I did a double-take the first time I saw a street food cart filled with various fried insects, including cockroaches. I did my best to be polite and not show it, but the strong cultural notions I brought with me from America made me look down on the practice of eating roaches, initially.

But since then I have become accustomed to the practice, and it doesn’t shock me anymore. In fact, I really think it is a quite sensible idea. If cockroaches are plentiful and cheap, and also tasty, why shouldn’t people eat them?

For most people, it’s just a matter of getting over your pre-existing hangups about cockroaches being dirty and disgusting. However, for some this may prove to be a high mental hurdle, indeed.