“See How Femi Adebayo And His Afrimek Crew Celebrate Jagun Jagun flicks Achievement in “Pure Love, So Femi Adebayo Can Dance Like This” (Watch)

Omobanke Popularly known as Soji Taiwo, he posted a video of himself, Femi Adebayo, and other actors celebrating the success of the Jagun Jagun Jagun movies by having a party in a club.

Femi Adebayo was seen grooving hard with Jigan Babaoja, Kunle Afod, and his two brothers.

The crew members could be seen dancing wildly in celebration of Femi Adebayo’s success with the Jagun Jagun films.

The success of Jagun Jagun movies has been something that hit social media in a way no one ever thought it could.

Fans React to the video with the way Femi Adebayo was dancing like a rich politicians man.

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Watch The Video Below,