The Guy in The Video Is My Ex-Lover,” according to Moyo Lawal’s official statement over the bedroom tape leak

Nollywood actress Moyo Lawal has finally spoken out about her recording that went viral.

The actress claimed that the movie was released without her consent on her Instagram profile, which is a criminal violation of privacy. Also threatening to file a lawsuit over the event is Moyo Lawal.

The actress said that the man on the tape is her ex-lover, to whom she was engaged at the time.

Moyo Lawal reaffirmed her resolve to maintain her composure in the midst of the messy affair and not let it break her spirit.

She concluded by expressing her gratitude to everyone for their assistance during this trying time in her life. She continued by saying that this is her first and last comment on the matter.

In her words:

A private video of mine from a while ago has been inappropriately shared without my consent, violating my privacy and trust. I want to emphasize that this video done with my ex I was to marry as at that time was never intended for public consumption, and its unauthorized distribution is a breach of my personal boundaries. However, this criminal breach of privacy will definitely be treated with legal action.”

“It really hits me funny because I have always maintained a strict approach to my sexuality, even going as far as being celibate for a few years, refusing to date often and choosing to be alone most times. However, I am determined to not let this unfortunate incident break my spirit.”

“This is my first and only statement concerning this incident please 🙏. Thank you for your continuous support”