“Things Have Been Getting Better For Me Ever Since I Met Her” – Comic Actor Ijoba Lande Finally Reveals Why He Loves Aunty Ramota (Watch)

Ijoba Lande, a comic actor, has expressed a strong desire to work with the famed actress, Aunty Ramota, whose true name is Abiola Atanda.

Ijoba Lande revealed in a recent TikTok video that he has an unfathomable connection with Aunty Ramota that tends to bring their destinies together, both on and off-screen.

Indeed, their chemistry and comedic timing have captured the hearts of numerous fans, establishing them as a beloved duo in the comedy scene.

There is nobody with whom I act that trends better than me and Aunty Ramota.

“There is nobody with whom I act that trends better than me and Aunty Ramota,” Ijoba Lande said. “Our destinies work together. There’s a unique connection between us that is unexplainable.”

Reason Why Anty Ramota Can Never Remove Underwear Cloth

Aunty Ramota, the beloved Nollywood comedy actress, has created a stir on the internet with her newest eccentric trip. The renowned comic content creator decided to dress in a white bridal gown while inside a box in order to travel to her husband’s home. Despite her diminutive stature, her fans have erupted in amusement at her daring choice of clothes.

The funny juxtaposition between her small and the elaborate bridal gown has piqued the interest of her fans, resulting in an outpouring of laughter.

Indeed, Aunty Ramota’s latest antics have become a hit on social media, garnering numerous reactions and laughter from users. Her unique ability to seamlessly blend her distinctive brand of comedy into her personal life has solidified her position as a beloved figure within the Nollywood community. Read More Here

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