Trending video shows a Japanese man who spent $20,000 turning himself into a dog walking in public.

Toco, a Japanese man, recently shelled out an astounding $20,000 (N17M) to turn himself into a border collie, in an absolutely odd move.

That’s correct, he truly changed into a dog. Toco accomplished this remarkable achievement by obtaining a dog outfit made by the Japanese business Zeppet that was incredibly lifelike.

Toco finally had the chance to emerge into the world as a dog and take his first-ever walk in public after spending 40 days creating this complex disguise.

Toco went outside to film his experience for his official YouTube channel while totally embracing his new identity. He made friends with some of the other dogs as he went around, which was rather intriguing. The lifelike qualities of Toco’s costume, genuine appearance, and motions that mimicked those of a real dog enthralled onlookers and their four-legged friends. It was almost as though they were unaware that he was a human impersonator.


In written notes explaining his unusual transformation, Toco revealed that his desire to become a dog had been with him since childhood. Perhaps fueled by a deep admiration for these loyal and playful creatures, he longed to experience life from their perspective.


By hiding his human identity, Toco hoped to avoid the judgment and scrutiny that often accompanies unconventional choices. While some may find Toco’s decision perplexing or even absurd, it’s important to remember that individuality comes in many forms.

Toco says he hides his human identity because he doesn’t want to be judged by people he knows.

“I don’t want my hobbies to be known, especially by the people I work with,” he told the Daily Mail last year.