Unhappy Moment flMarcelo sobs like a baby after breaking an opponent’s leg during a football match (Video)

Marcelo, the Real Madrid legend, was in tears after inadvertently injuring Luciano Sánchez, likely ruining his career, during a recent football match. Argentinos Juniors defender Luciano Sanchez had a full dislocation of his left knee during a Copa Libertadores match in Buenos Aires. The 29-year-old footballer’s colleagues initially thought he had a fractured leg, but a club medical assessment showed it was a full dislocation. Marcelo presently plays for Fluminense in Brazil.

During the game, Marcelo, who is well-known for his footwork and talent, unwittingly caused a shocking injury to Sanchez while skilfully maneuvering past opponents. Unfortunately, a chain of circumstances resulted in Marcelo’s supporting leg collapsing severely on Sanchez’s leg in mid-stride, resulting in the serious incident. As a result of the terrible incident, Marcelo was sent off in tears, while Sanchez shouted in pain on the field. Both teams’ concerned players encircled the injured player. The incident happened in the 56th minute of the game, which concluded in a 1-1 tie.