Using Regina Daniels as a case study, from Nawa O to God OAP Nedu Advises People to Concentrate on Being Their True Selves

Nedu, a well-known Nigerian media figure, recently used social media to give advice to netizens. The contentious OAP cited actress Regina Daniels’ union with Ned Nwoko as an example of how people might improve their lives. While some people agreed with Nedu, others criticized him for being a hypocrite for criticizing women who do the same on his show in response to his popular video.

he media personality went ahead to say that in all of these, it is important for one to understand that they can’t control how people see them or what they say about them so it’s better they focus on being the best versions of themselves that they are happy with and will please God.

He said:

The only thing wey you owe yourself na to be the best version of yourself, be the best wey you fit be for yourself and your God. When you be that best you fit be for yourself, every other person wey dey around you will not get choice but to align with who you be. If dey no align, those who really love you go see you for who you truly be understand say you no need follow society, how society take dey do things, no follow them, do the thing wey be say you and your God dey okay with.”