“White defines who I am” After Angela Okorie criticized Anita Joseph for being useless, Anita Joseph speaks up.

Anita Joseph, a Nollywood actress, has subtly corrected her colleague Angela Okorie for labeling her incompetent.

Angela Okorie had posted a picture of Anita Joseph hours before, involving the actress in her argument with her closest friend, Uche Elendu.

MC Fish, Anita’s husband, is a wonderful person, according to Angela, who labeled Anita the most worthless of all of them.

The actress, who has a score to settle with some of her coworkers, pledged to use any of them as a convenient scapegoat if they got in the way of her feud with Uche.

“Ah, I see people calling this one Okuku.
This one is the most useless of them all but her husband is a good guy. Anybody wey talk nonsense I go use you as a scapegoat”.

Reacting to it, Anita re-shared the photo of her, which Angela Okorie shared on her Instagram page.

Uche Elendu is criticized by Angela Okorie for new age fraud.

Uche Elendu celebrated turning 40 in style on Friday, but Angela Okorie was having none of the age claim, so the whole drama began.

Angela Okorie criticised Uche for misrepresenting her age when she is actually 50 years old in a comment that has since been deleted.

Angela Okorie prayed for her colleague’s terrible deeds to haunt her until death.

They are thieves and destiny killers – Angela Okorie drags blogger, Stella Dimoko Korkus and Uche Elendu

Stella Dimoko Korkus, a blogger, was included in the controversy by Angela Okorie in a different post.

Angela body shamed the blogger on her Instagram page and referred to her as a killer, calling the blogger unattractive.

She asserted that the blogger and Uche Elendu are robbers and murderers of destiny.

Angela allegedly told her followers to flee for their lives if they spot them.

“This ugly idiot is a murderer. She and Uche Elendu are thieves. Destiny Killers. Run for your lives when you see this thing”.

In a follow-up post, Angela Okorie dared Uche Elendu to go on Instagram live without makeup.

“Tell this idiot to come on live with no make-up. Native doctor I dey come I go even drag that one wey dey husband house dey fuck anything”.

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