“Why he deserves all the insults”- Pete Edochie finally speaks on Yul’s marital story.

Pete Edochie, a seasoned actor, has finally spoken out about his son Yul Edochie’s marital issues, which have been circulating on social media for quite some time.

Pete Edocchie addressed the topic in Igbo parables in a recent conversation with Chude Jideonwo said “Since Yul has decided to bring in a foreign and infested woman into the family, he has invited all the lows, backwardness, pain, insults and so on in this life.

He who goes to the farm and gets ants-infested firewoods (amongst all the good firewoods in the farm) shouldn’t be surprised when Lizards start paying him a visit (like lizards disturbing nah).

Meanwhile, May Yul Edochie, the stunning wife of Nollywood actor Yul Edochie, has reportedly filed a N100 million lawsuit against his second wife, Judy Austin.

Judy is being sued for having an affair with her husband by the mother of three, who has filed a petition for the dissolution of her marriage to Yul.

According to sources, when May filed for divorce from Yul, she also charged Judy with adultery with her spouse.

Despite posing themselves as husband and wife on social media, Yul and Judy are not legally married, according to the investigation. Yul is unable to legally marry anyone until May and Yul are legally divorced.

May is reportedly seeking N100 million in restitution for the affair, which has cost her a lot of money.